Defenceless targets

Red Dragon, we're turned on by slightly different things. You say that it doesn't bother you if your target is squirming to get away but can't escape because the train is too crowded, and that you like it when teens don't know how to react when your bare cock is against them. See for me that wouldn't be a turn-on.

Call me boring, but my own personal turn-on is when the target's actions clearly, yet subtly, show that she's actively participating in this brief, highly discreet sexy exchange we're having. I wouldn't be turned on at all by making her feel scared, panicked, uncomfortable or taken advantage of, although I of course accept that this is precisely what DOES excite many frotteur men who are empowered and aroused if the woman feels terrified and/or defenceless.

I've read lots of posts on this board of chikan for whom it's extremely arousing and even amusing when the woman is inconvenienced, disgusted, grossed out, scared, trapped, hurt etc etc.

To each his own, but I repeat that the female feeling happy and comfortable with what's happening and her obvious complicity is what's majorly arousing for me. I love when they not only maintain the below-waist-level hand-to-ass contact that we've discreetly established but when they also actually shift their stance to allow my hand better access!

Sometimes during my favoured "back-to-back" stance they'll even momentarily go up on their tiptoes, I mean while they're still laughing and talking with whoever they're with, so that my fingers can pass right in between their jeans-clad buttocks. Or maybe my hand has been brushing against a woman's thigh, touching the material of her jeans or business-suit type trousers, but then she'll inch forward so my fingertips can go between her butt-cheeks. Amazing!

I mention jeans only because these days, during these cold times, jeans is mainly what's available on the Tubes. I'm therefore nowadays trying to practise my technique and build my confidence so that I'll be all set for when my beloved thin-materialed dresses make a return appearance when sunnier days do - hopefully around April or May time.

It's a seriously long, frustrating wait that us Europe-based chikan have to endure each year. Several months of relative inactivity during the long winters and then perhaps only three or four months of better weather where fewer clothes being worn means increased fun & games for chikan enthusiasts.

I can't even imagine how blissful it would be to be living in a place that enjoyed good sunny weather for all/most of the year. All those wafer-thin dresses and shorts to gawp at and to try squeeze up against on crowded public transport. Heaven!

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