Responses to Archie Clarified, Continued.

Usually when I repeat with a woman, it happens by accident. I enjoy it greatly when it happens, but I don't deliberately seek it out.

You mention getting to know the faces of partners. Of course this will happen with "regulars" or any partner who you see more than once, but I like to take this a step further by learning the identity my accomplices (names and photos). In most cases I use online resources to do this. I have been able to identify over fifty of my female confederates and I have a big folder that is bursting with pictures of identified partners.

One of these willing participants was a 16 year old school girl when I came against her right shoulder on the bus. (16 is the age of consent in my country). She is now studying at university and does some work as a model. I have never met her, but since she has a presence on all the major social media platforms, is an active tweeter, and even has her own blog, I almost feel as though I know her.

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