I have humped and climaxed on the same woman on different days many times, I wd. say about 12 or 15 times for a 2x repetition, less often for a 3x repetition, and I've done three women four times each (my record).

Women do sometimes push their shoulders against me, but it happens very rarely, maybe 5 times out of 1000. Once I was humping this woman's posterior, it was the second time I was doing her, and I was taking my time, trying to prolong the experience, but, all of a sudden, she pushed her herself back against me and made me come.

You're right, women here do wear a lot of thin-materialled dresses, all year round of course, which is good for me. What is also great for me is that, quite often, they wear dresses or tops that have no sleeves, so that I get to rub against naked flesh.

I got into this business about forty years ago when I felt up the backside of a girl who was sitting in front of me during a French lesson. A few years after that isolated incident, I became interested in humping women on the buses I took to and from school and since then I've never looked back. As a schoolboy, I also used to feel up women on the bus, but after a while I gave that up.

Since I live in a relatively small community, I do not want to say too much about my precise location, so I will say what I have already revealed in this forum: I live on a Caribbean island, which, though small, is so densely populated, that it offers a frotteur the same opportunities as a really big city where crowded transportation is concerned. There are full buses to be ridden morning and evening and sometimes mid-day as well. I have climaxed on women on the bus on all seven days of the week.

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