Re Archie

Speaking for myself, I have never had repeated frotts, I did start off by groping though, used to palm girls pussies on the tube back in the day all under the cover of a crowded carriage, I used to get on behind young office girls, the shy type, they would often move over to the sided at right angles with tier backs to the glass partition from the side way seats, this left their pussies unguarded, they would often place their hand bags at their sides too to prevent having their purses stolen, I used to inch sideways to them with my hand in front of them, then gently ease the back of my hand between their legs, it was not always successful, but when I had them trapped they had no where to go, sometimes I turned my hand and cupped their pussies, that was often only a quick one as by then many girls were squirming to get out...not that I cared ;)

As for the bare dick frott, that too was learned, and of course I had to be acutely aware of my surroundings, I have had some failures, but nothing ever reported, so the feeling completely out weighs the negatives, I have had my hard bare cock plastered against the arms, hands sometimes and shoulders, my fav way, teens and girls on their 20's of course the teens are best as they don't know how to react to it the first time it happens to them, that is the way I like it

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