A few general questions....

Some questions:

1) How comes the Archives section (and other sections too) aren't recent? They seem to have been last updated back in 2007 etc.

2) NewClubber, you're mentioning concerts with predominantly female audiences - who was this recent artist that you saw?

3) Attending music concerts seems like a great idea, and I can see from the posts that people have left that it's a popular hunting ground for us men into this stuff. But don't we (as in us older men) stand out like a proverbial sore thumb in such environments? I suspect that I'd feel incredibly self-conscious in a packed concert surrounded by teenage girls.

4) Allrounder, is your Caribbean island one of the smaller ones, such as maybe Montserrat, Tobago, Anguilla or Antigua? Or is it a larger one such as Jamaica or Trinidad? I'm curious because I've been to the Caribbean many times (unfortunately this was way before I knew anything about this fun that we're addicted to) and when there I always perved over the thin-materialed dresses that women wear. Thin-materialed very sheer dresses are most definitely my main weak point, my key fetish - I'd even say I'm semi-obaessed with them. Now that I'm aware of frotting, all I'm thinking is that this activity must be just totally amazing in the Caribbean, because of all the wafer-thin clothes worn out there. Wow! Even though I do only the fingertips-to-ass (or thigh or pussy) thing I know that I'd still be in heaven.

5) Allrounder, when you rub your dick against the shoulders of females on the buses, do the females sometimes/often actively push their shoulders backwards forcefully (but of course subtly) against your crotch, thereby maintaining the extremely close contact? Or do they more typically just hold their ground, not moving their shoulder at all but most definitely they're aware of what you're doing?

6) Allrounder, have you ever had repeated frots with the same females, as in you've made a mental note of their face, attire, time of commute, and then you've had the same naughtiness with them on subsequent journeys on different days?

7) Actually, the same question goes to other men in here who do this on public transport - have any of you ever gotten to know particular female passengers' faces and journey times so that repeated frots with the same total stranger have happened? She knows your face and you know hers too. No direct eye-contact happens yet you both are complicit in playing this early-morning, super-discreet frotting game?

8) Did any of you guys start off, back in the day, by doing the fingertips-to-ass thing that I currently do and then, with the passage of time, you got more confident and sort of "graduated" to the cock-to-ass thing? Or were you all doing cock-to-ass right from the get-go?

9) To be honest I'm still absolutely blown away that you guys actually take your cock out and then also shoot your loads onto the clothes of your "victims". To me the risks of that just seem seriously overwhelming, but perhaps I'm being astoundingly naive? One big risk is that someone else spots that you're standing noticeably close behind a sexy woman (who'd be attracting attention anyway because she's good-looking) and then, because this sexy woman is already getting admiring looks, these people soon afterwards also spot your bare dick! I'm guessing that, because a certain amount of time is surely needed to develop such a frotting encounter, this cock-outside approach happens way more frequently at music festivals/concerts than it does on crowded public transport, right?

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