Re: NewClubber

I'm still discovering the mystery of women myself lol. But I have better luck groping women than talking to them, so I run with it. Despite what many girls say I think some of them enjoy the thrill of an anonymous grope.

There have been times where at a club I'd have my dick all up against a girl, but as soon as I put my hands on her waist she freaks out and leaves. Funny how a dick is less concerning to them than arms around the waist.

One of the last experiences I remember a few months ago during a business trip I went to a club and saw this white girl with a nice ass in leggings. I was wearing my thin joggers and pointed my dick straight forward and let her bump into me. After doing it a few times she turned around to me and smiled, then arched her back and started twerking on my dick and she was mine. Almost criminal how quick some of us these white girls give up to black dick.

My theory is that girls like sex as much as guys, so it gives some an opportunity to enjoy dick while skirting the line between cheating if they're in a relationship. It gives them freedom if you think about it. They don't enjoy it, they can move or get in front of their boyfriend, but if they do they can stay in place and act like they're dancing to the music while anonymously enjoying a stranger while everyone around is none the wiser.

Some of the easiest groped I've had were girls with boyfriends. Hell, my first even major grope (first one I came on) was with her boyfriend. He left during the cover band to get beers and when the main band came on it got too packed and he was stuck a few feet back while I slide behind his girl and enjoyed her. Even when a circle of space opened up around us, she refused to move off my dick or even try to reconnect with her boyfriend again until after the show.

Looking at it from a guy's perspective even if I was at a concert/club with my girl and she was doing her own thing and didn't notice a girl behind me with her boobs pressed against me I wouldn't object. I'd act like I didn't feel it, enjoy the situation, and feign ignorance if she noticed that the girl was too close to me. Think about it...

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