Something I’ve recently noticed

I’ve recently noticed that when i go to a concert with a musician who has a significant female fan base there is SO much ass.... almost TOO much lol. More ass than you know what to do with! It’s insane!

The concert I recently went to had a rowdy crowd that was about 60% female. Every time I would get knocked off an ass I would end up smashed up against an even better one lol! One girl stroked my dick through my sweatpants. I nutted on her too! One of my hardest concert-orgasms ever. Almost my first time nutting hard against an asian bitch. This bitch even let me rub her pussy as she grinder against my dick. Her friend definitely did not approve of ANY of it

From now on I’m gonna keep an eye for musicians with similar fan demographics. I have a great experience every time and the females seem to more receptive and willing when they’re in the majority. Anyone have any theories explaining why this is?

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