Philly July 2019 with a bang 2020 better better (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

in the big city are where its at if you want to get shaft deep in some strange ass! I spent a summer with some fam over in Philly and went to their 4th of July parade. Woooo. That ish was motherfuckin chikan heaven! The crowds were so thick and the crush was so intense at spots that you could really put a saddle on a female, and those crowds were swarming with gropers and rubbers. I almost felt bad for some of these older white dudes, they were watching the parade and I was watching their hotwives and daughters getting their cracks killed by young thugs and smelly old Indian dudes. Lol. I plastered myself against a tall blonde soccer mom type who was plastered against her husband's back. She was wearing a bright orange dress made out of some very thin and clingy cotton. I pushed my exposed dick in between her butt cheeks and then corkscrewed around in her gap. I couldn't look down it was so tight and pushy but it sure felt good to feel my dick grow and begin to leak inside that warm crack. It wasn't long before my dick was rock hard and wedged in that bitches crack up to the hilt. We were getting pushed all over the place and I was pushing that fat suburban all over the place with my dick. She would squeal and scream when the crowd swayed but never looked back at me directly. The husband gave me a few looks but didn't do shit. The crowd was tight and I had her. I started to do squat thrusts and really dig into that lower crack and pussy lips. When the crowd got really crunched up I would stand up n just let my boner throb in between her spreading cheeks. There ain't no feeling like sinking into a bubbly pooper covered only by thin cotton man. I started whispering shit in to the back of her head that she couldn't hear like I was fucking her in her ass, I loved her ass, her mans a" after about 45 minutes of sinking into that crease and sodomizing the bitch like a dog I couldn't hold back anymore and pumped a load in between the cheeks and all over her orange dress with her clenching up around my sick. Ohhh
cant wait to new york for new years east coast stand up we got it in2019 LA I see you vegas I see you these places are the best to get it in tourist up the ying yang

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