London Tubes

Hi everyone. First time posting on here. I've been reading the stuff on this website for about a week and wow, it's just great to read the experiences of other people who are into this stuff.

Some of your stories are absolutely amazing to me. I would say, though, that broadly speaking there definitely seems to be two distinct types of chikan: a) the type who rubs his cock against the woman and b) the type who uses his fingertips to touch her.

Of these two types I'm definitely in the second category. So far I've attempted this stuff mainly on crowded trains in central London. Tbh unless the Tube is extremely packed then I'd guess that doing the first type would be pretty much impossible. On an empty-ish carriage surely other passengers would immediately notice a man who's trying to glue his crotch to the buttocks of a woman, right?

However, the 2nd type (fingertips to her ass/pussy) is definitely more do'able and less conspicuous. I attempt it while holding my phone in the hand that's straying and I've had a fair degree of success. Needless to say I'm literally dying for winter to be over already, and for warmer days (meaning thinner, fewer clothes) to return asap.

Even though pickings are currently slim, my addiction to this is so strong that I'm nevertheless still finding myself riding trains round & round in circles trying to get a few experiences under my belt. Most women are (obviously) wearing jeans and/or thick, long coats that cover their asses these days - so I'm mostly wasting my time these days.

Indeed, even when I'm lucky enough to get into the correct position on a potential female and it's worked, it still lasts only a few seconds because it usually ends when the train arrives at the next station and people leaving & boarding means the connection I had with the female passenger is broken.

I can barely wait for summer! Would especially love to talk on here with others who practice this in London. The Victoria line northbound from Victoria seems to be packed quite often, but I still don't have much luck.

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