TheAssMan comment

TheAssMan recently said something that has given me a lot of satisfaction in the past: I have no doubt that she fingered herself silly when she got home.

Ive definitely had many humps that I just KNOW the woman cherished in her memories at night and I recently felt like I had one like that.

I got on public transport and saw these two thick white women, had to be between 18 to 24. When one turned around I just knew I had to have it, the booty was crazy thick in these thin jeggings. I forced my way behind, and there was no looky loo behaviour or hypersensitivity to my presence. I had it faced downwards and went straight into that crack. God. This booty had to be one of the thickest Id be on in a while.

After straight up butt fucking her for about 10-15 minutes, when it was their stop to get off, right at the end, she turns and locks her eyes on my grey sweatpants, just taking in my bulge with a slight smirk and then keeps going. She will definitely think about this dick next time she’s spreading her legs in bed.

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