Re: Black Shogun

I didn't get to do the squat & lift at the concert, but I do have a story though. I feel like the squat & lift technique is optimal on girls with big asses that have some overhang. That way when you squat you get wedged right between her cheeks and pussy where the sweet spot is.

Anyway, I get to the event and only around 20-30 people are at the front, granted it is a tiny venue but 50+ is optimal crowd size. While scoping for targets, I find nothing so just wait it out until more people come in. After about an hour a girl shows up next to me in the crowd to watch the band. She's petite, with bland bangs and looks like Taylor Swift in the face. She looks reserved and a bit shy, so I take my time. While we are all swaying back and forth I occasionally brush my hand against her little ass wrapped in a leather skirt.

By the time the main band came on she was on her 3rd or 4th drink and starting to loosen up. There was no way to grope her as she was on my right side initially so I needed her behind me. Luckily when the band came on the crowd reshuffled and she moved to the middle with a spot behind her that I quickly filled it in. After her couple of drinks she was loosened up and winding her body along to the move and grinding on my dick. I got a few side glances from her and then at one point she turned completely around and gave me this sultry look with a slight smirk and heavy eye(lid)s. The "fuck me" eyes she gave me made my dick go wild as it turned me on, especially looking at the wedding ring on her finger.

As much as I wanted to cum I knew the crowd was nowhere near dense enough to do so, and I was already risking it by groping in such a tiny crowd for as long as I did. At times she would shake her hips side to side with her ass poking out, nearly sinking my dick in my skirt at times. I kept my dick in my joggers at all times, but my precum leaked out and a few stains wound up on her leather skirt. Definitely was a great warm-up after not being at a serious event for a while.

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