The biggest change I’ve noticed is security measures. Many, many events I attended new into the game had very little overcrowding measures. There were no wristbands required for entry, or any type of overcrowding control. So there was a lot more being squashed together!

Now, a lot of free events have some sort of protocol in place to limit the amount of crowding in one place. Some events also have staff trained to notice chikans whereas in the past, this was not even a thing they were told to look out for.

Ofcourse, a chikan always finds a way! All it’s meant is I’ve had to find new events, or, be much more discreet than before. Festivals/concert culture doesn’t seem to have changed much, but I like to focus on free events as they are just so regular, and there’s a more of a barrier. Also,, although I love the teens, I love me a good thick white milf. And you just won’t access that demographic with concerts/festivals.

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