Found her again! (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

Last year I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life with an angel descended from heaven. She was around 14, with a cute and pert little bubble butt; so soft and firm as only a teen girl's can be. She had a cute face, pouty lips, innocence with a touch of naughty mischievousness. I was new to the game at the time, and didn't get to enjoy her nearly as much as I would have liked. Still, what I did get stuck with me.

I went to another concert recently. It was a similar style of band at a similar venue. I was horny as hell and ready to grind my cock on some ass. I arrived early and found unsurprisingly that there wasn't much of a crown for the opener. Still, I positioned myself a couple rows back in anticipation of the surge. I looked around for targets as the opener played, and my heart skipped a beat. The angel was back!

Her ass was just as amazing as I remembered, and she was wearing butt-hugging leggings! I couldn't believe my luck. I knew I had to be careful though; she was flanked her parents and there wasn't enough of a crown yet to justify getting close. I made a note of where they stood, and promised myself to keep an eye on them and find her later.

The opener finally finished, and the first of two headliners came on. The crowd built, but to my dismay there wasn't an opportunity to move back to my target yet. Still, a hot blonde in her earlier 20's appeared. She was wearing jeans that hugged her ass, and kept pressing her tits against my shoulder as she bounced around. I allowed my hand to run over her ass, and was pleasantly surprised to find that her jeans were infact jeggings. I positioned myself behind her, and let her rub her ass on my hardening dick as she danced. What a hot and horny little bitch she was. As the set played on people grew crazier, and I could no longer hold my ground behind her. My blood was up, my cock was hard, and the craziness of the crown told me it was time to go find my prime target.

I didn't have trouble finding her because her dad was quite tall and stood out. I used the mosh pit to end up behind them. I got a couple glances from mom and dad, but pretended to be completely into the music (rather than their hot teenage daughter). They quickly decided I was fine, and mom and dad's attention went to the mosh pit infront of them.

I started out by taking a step forward everytime the pit surged towards my target. This made it seem like the crowd pushed her into me, and I could gauge her (and her parents) reactions. It went like a dream. With each surge my cock would sink into her perfect teenage ass. Her cheeks would smash against me, and my cock would slide between her butt cheeks. I started to get more brazen, and would "help to steady her" by grabbing onto her hips. This let me thrust and rub my cock against her ass more deeply, and for longer. There was no reaction from her, and her parents were focused on keeping the moshers at bay.

This went on for most of second bands set. I was nearly ready to explode all over her leggings when they walked off the stage to let the headliner come on.

I struck up a conversation with the people behind me, which let me feign a lack of interest in the hottie infront of me. Still, I was horny enough that I couldn't help but rub my palm lightly across her ass a few times during the break.

The headliner took the stage and the real action began! Before long my cock was steel, and jammed between her ass cheeks as she danced. Her parents still focused on the moshers, instead of the near-sodomy of their teenage daughter. I could tell she was getting into it because she kept dancing on my cock even when the crowd didn't call for it, and she was leaning back into me. I couldn't believe it! My cock was in absolute heaven, especially when a song about a girl begging for it came on. She went nuts, and smashed my cock up and down, left and right with her perfect teenage ass. The music was loud, so as I built towards orgasm I knew I could talk without anyone hearing me. I told her what a sexy little bitch she was, how she wanted me to fuck her ass. And so, I came. Spurt after spurt after spurt. The biggest load I think I've ever had.

Completely drained and spent after an hour of playtime, I disappeared into the crowd.

I have no doubt she went home and fingered herself silly thinking about my dick between her ass cheeks. I've never seen a teenage girl so obviously worked up and horny. And, I fully expect a Christmas card from her future boyfriend when she asks him to fuck her perfect little ass.

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