Lifted a chick on my cock

I've been browsing this forum lately and have realised that I in fact am a full fledged chikan! I have had many experiences and I just want to narrate one.

I was at this crowed event (not going to state my city/country)and as usual got behind this chick. She was extremely short, about 5 feet but quite plump. Anyway, I did the most outrageous thing next. In fact I still can't believe I did it. While grinding up behind her I couldn't get my cock in between her thighs as she was too short. So,in a fit of absolute madness, I lifted her up and put her on my cock. This chick's reaction has been tattooed on my brain ever since. She started bouncing up and down my dick and then started laughing hysterically. After about a minute before going bro town with her, I feel a tap on my shoulder. It's her friend (another girl) telling me to put her down (while also laughing hysterically!)
Anyway, I was a few seconds away from exploding, but I decided to put the girl down as people were beginning to notice. The girls were still laughing as I walked away with turning back.

Looking back, it was one of the riskiest/craziest things I've ever done, and I don't ever recommended it. But man oh man, what an experience! It takes me literally 20 seconds to nut while recalling it. Anyway,I was just wondering if any one of you 'experienced' chikans has ever lifted a girl in a crowd?

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