Furious teen

Have y’all ever had a teen absolutely livid that she had to move away from you? Lmao

I was at an outdoor event humping a daughter with a family, likely all tourists. I was behind her with the dad a couple people down and the mum somewhere far away. I was all on her for some time. Ass firmly on my lap, back on my chest, legs on my legs. I was loving it. I know she knew, deep sighs every time i thrust in that crack, up down tippy toes.

But at some point I think the dad got suspicious as they were speaking a different language. I repeatedly heard her respond ‘I don’t care’, he also used the word ‘sex’ in a foreign sentence, and it even developed to him physically poking her OVER my shoulder to get her to move. She was furious LOOL. At some point I think he actually started insulting her for liking it.

When it went on for too long she did a huge huff and puff and left the crowd. I don’t think my dick has ever caused that kind of a tantrum lmao. Instances like these remind me just how horny these women can be.

I also normally don’t gripe too often, but another hot experience I had was with a white teen wearing these very thin sweatpants on public transport. I had my hand on her meaty white thigh and it was so soft, she looked up from her phone but didn’t object, so I casually moved it to right between her legs. MY GOD, she went on her tip toes so my hand could get lower! I then, firmly applied pressure and I heard a very sharp intake of breath and her whole body kinda shook. It was like she couldn’t contain an oh my god expression, like she was very aroused.

These teenage girls man. I used to love the attractive, white, 30-40 MILF range but it just might be changing.

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