Anime cumvention

So I was at an anime convention recently and had a lucky happenstance occur. Whenever I'm at cons I stick to mostly candid, upskirts and some light groping but nothing too crazy. This year I was at a con and they had a hentai (anime porn) booth and of course a bunch of dudes were gathered around. But among them I saw this pink haired girl at the front which stuck out to me. I thought to myself how weird it was to have a girl at the front looking through all of these perverted books.

Some dude was behind her and didn't want to leave, so I slowly encroached on his territory until he left. He was even groping or upskirting so it was just a waste of space honestly. When I got behind her I noticed the dude standing next to her was her bf, but was completely oblivious. I got bold after a while and pulled out my cock. She was bending over to reach the books in the back and her ass was out her skirt. The texture of her panty hose felt amazing, probably better than bare skin and before I knew it I couldn't hold back and blew my load all over her skirt. It was an enormous amount I had to wipe off since I didn't want her bf or anyone to see. Took me almost 5 minutes to smear it off as I was edging and taking Zinc supplements during the week to build a huge load. Was funny seeing her walk away, arm wrapped around her bf with a huge load on skirt.

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