Face to face

Had an amazing white girl today.

We were face to face on public transport. I had my boner right in between her legs, it felt amazing. I could feel my head squishing right into that pocket where her meaty thigh meets her box.

I was looking away and she kept looking at my face but I could tell she was loving it. There was a point where she kept moving up then back down, and that would just slide her box up and down my dick. Man, I almost let out a moan. And she just kept doing it. After abit of this, she started going bright red. I would respond by making my cock throb and she would just keep sliding. Up, down, up, down.

She would also open and close her legs and every time her meaty white thighs would just rub into mine. fuck. It was such a hot experience. I swear she would’ve made me cum if I had enough time.

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