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God damn it man, you lucky mo fucka!! lol.. Now that's what I'm talkin about!! Excellent stories brotha!! Keep em' coming!! So I'm thinking you go out on the White girl booty hunt on Friday nights and Saturdays?
Anyways, haven't had an luck in getting a nutt but I did get some really good humps in today on Public transport. Was butts to nutts on this Jeans clad Teeny, who had a nice round bubble.. Was feeling all of her booty, but didn't quite achieve the nutt as the feeling wasn't that great as she was wearing Jeans. Oh well, hope I get an Earth shattering nutt soon, or else I'm mu nutsack is gonna explode as I haven't nutted for nearly a week now!! Another question, how many days did you abstain from ejaculating before you exploded on that latest Brunette white girl booty?? And did you leave a big mess on her Leggings??

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