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I would not say that her crack was particularly deep. But nor was it shallow either LOL! The thing is that her butt was nice and round and plump and soft, but with just the right amount of firmness too. All wrapped inside of those thin black stretch pants allowing me to feel ALL of her tender cheeks and into her crack. Did not take me long to cum! But hey, that's all old news now! Went to my favorite college bar to jack white girls in the butt and nutted AGAIN! Grazed many cracks and finally jizzed with my dick all up in a blondie's butt crack in a hella rowdy crowd! The 100% streak remains alive! I'm thinking about quitting that bar while I'm ahead. Go out with an undefeated record in that "arena" while I still can LOL! But wait there's more!

I can't go into all of the details at this very moment because I would give too much away. But basically, I rode a dude's girlfriend's ass for TWO HOURS with him standing right there! She was a cute brunette wearing some THIN black YOGA PANTS and a hoodie. Now check this out . . . I got in between the two of them right behind her at the start of the event, had my dick out hidden by my long shirt, and was all UP in her CHEEKS! For TWO long hours! WHEW! And he just stood there and let me do it! I would slow drag my boner across her right butt cheek into her crack . . . stop to "dilly dally in the valley" while MOANING and GROANING under my breath (and rolling my eyes around in my head in chikan paradise . . . nobody could see cuz I had on shades haha!) . . . then out of her crack and across her left cheek. SSSSSSSSSSSS sent tingles up my spine!!!!! And again and again and AGAIN I did "the drag" . . . then stop and hold and "flex" in her crack . . . then drag out across other her other ass cheek! Then at other times when the crowd would get rowdier, I would adjust my dick into the full up "hot dog in her buns position" and have it right straight up and down in her crack . . . hunching and rubbing away like a big doggy trying to CUM! And dude didn't seem to realize or understand shit about what I was doing with my hard DICK in his girls's BUTT! DAMN!

I say "trying to cum" because I didn't get there all the way, but MAN for two hours BOY did I try to finish in this white girl's hind shine and got really close! A couple of times I had pushed all WAY up in between her ass cheeks and was just hunching away trying to sperm while she recorded the event! I mean my DONG was REALLY up in her shit, and each of those two times she looked back kind of annoyed, so I backed off (only to move in to ride again!). But still she didn't say anything to her boyfriend about me rubbing on her butt with my dick and hunching DEEP in between her butt cheeks at times (with yoga pants on and my hard dick out she definitely felt me)! WTF? LOL! I mean, these are the times when a hump crosses over into the "extraordinary", and that's why I'm writing a little bit more this time. As I chikan butt fucked this girl, I thought of the many chikan vids where guys recorded themselves humping somebody's "novia" (girlfriend). Here I was BRAZENLY doing the same thing!

I didn't nut, but I was def leaking pre-spermies though, and accepted a long ride in lieu of a nut. Being a greedy chikan, I wanted both . . . a super long ride capped off by a shattering, knee-weakening nut in her butt! But alas, that didn't happen. With the event over, I said that's it, and turned to leave in the massive crowd. At that point, dude moved in behind his girl, and I heard her say, "He was really pushing . . . . " (the rest of what she said trailed off into the air as I moved away to disappear quickly into the crowd). Still, I don't think either one of them realized exactly what I was doing, and thought that is was more just about me pushing her forward to get a better look at what was going on. If they had realized, I think they would have moved or changed positions or something. To this I say DUDE!!! Never let a motherfucker get in between you and your girl at a packed event like that again! Because he just might have his dick out and all in between your girlfriend's tender butt cheeks LOLOLOL!!! But hey, thanks a million anyway for letting me enjoy rubbing my stiff pecker on your girls butt cheeks and in between cheeks INSIDE of her crack for an entire TWO fucking hours! But dude next time ya gotta let a chikan find a nut up in there . . . OK??? LOL! Think I have to go jerk over this one . . .oh . . . was that TMI??? Hahahaha!

Black Shogun!!!

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