Re: HandsOn

when I first discovered this site, yes, it was full of stories that kept me coming back for more to enjoy and more to learn from. But times have changed, HandsOn. When I started reading this sites stories, the smart phone was in its infancy. A lot has changed since then, and people are much more aware of the types of things that take place now. When I started reading there were no drones flying around. I went to an outdoor festival a few years back that had drones flying over the crowds, low enough to snap nice, clear pictures of attendees. Now they aren't allowed to fly over large gatherings like the one I witnessed them over, but that doesn't mean there are no stationary cameras with even better capabilities now. My point is this: you just have to be a lot more careful who or what is watching. I myself limit my outings to just a few per year, when it used to be several times a week/month. When I'm out there, most of my dirt is done when it's dark. I just don't take the chances I used to because of paranoia. Trust me, I've come close before to almost going to jail, and that was way before cameras and video were so widespread. I suppose I could relax a bit, but I'm now a father and a husband, and I don't need that humiliation in my life at this point. I'm thinking a lot of the seasoned Chikans just don't need it as much or are just not willing to put in the amount of time as we did in our younger days. You youngsters need to earn some stripes and learn to write good stories!

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