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Guest you mentioned "consent" in your post. Now when this "Arm Humper fellow" first showed up here, I began to immediately challenge him on some of the outlandish ans just plain incorrect stuff he was writing. For one, he asserted that under the law mere silence equals consent. So, in other words, if a woman says nothing while you're pleasuring your boner between her butt cheeks, then she has consented to what you're doing!

Well, as I pointed out to the Arm Humper fellow, he was dead wrong. But why? Well to start, in the common law the concept of silent consent is a CONTRACT law principle (and not as straight forward as it first appears by the way). But when we're talking about chikan, the law that applies is the CRIMINAL law, not contract law for crying out loud! And in CRIMINAL law, the victimized do not give their consent to the crime being perpetrated against them just by saying nothing while it's happening (slapping forehead)! Whether you know anything about the law or not, common sense would tell you this is the law!

So, as I said before, tell it to the judge! Now, I want to be in the courtroom when a chikan states, "Your honor the state has no viable case against me as the alleged victim said absolutely nothing while I buggered her buttocks cheeks with my exposed erection. Therefore, said alleged victim was a willing partner as she consented to the act. The "sex" was mutual your honor." Next, with the judge and everybody else in the courtroom rolling their eyes in utter disbelief at such a defense, what happens is a reaming out of the defendant by the judge with a fierce, scathing scolding, followed by the maximum fine and/or sentence for time to be spent in the clink, clink! LOLOLOL!!!

Here come the judge, here come the judge, here come the judge!

Black Shogun!!!

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