@ Buttmasher - Golden Years

First of all, you "argue" when somebody says some shit about you. Look at what you wrote last Monday. So imagine it all the time? You get tired of the shit and say I ain't takin' it no mo'! Second, I have neither the time nor interest at the moment in writing detailed stories. So, none will be forthcoming. Third, no she did not look like that. But very attractive and kind of short and brunette with a bunch of friends (humped some of them too!) . . . and a round white bubble in some really SOFT and THIN black stretch pants! Firm with the perfect amount of give for that wobbble "Jello-O" effect that I love! Traced a finger gently into her crack just to feel how thin her stretch pants were!

Dick was out and hidden by a long shirt. Followed her and friends into the melee pressed all up against her butt being pushed by the crowd behind me. My GAWD was feeling ALL of her cheeks and had penetration into her ass CRACK! They were hopping up and down and stuff and I was just a "rub-a-dub-dubbin'" hahaha! Followed them around in the place to stay on the girl's butt, but backed off for a few to make it not too obvious I was butt fucking her in the crowd! They decided to go back outside where it was hella crowded too. Followed and stayed all up on her back trying to "prick that bubble". Was hunching like a big doggy "GOLDEN" retriever and nutted against her young white ass in a secret "spastic" fit LOL! End of story! GOLDEN YEARS! GOLDEN YEARS! GOLDEN RETRIEVER! GOLDEN YEARS :-DDDDD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRD0ghlFSgk

Black Shogun!!!

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