Further Furthermore

Errrr . . . it's obvious who you're talking too . . . buuuuut . . . I've been on business travel for a few days and am just now catching up with the site! LOLOLOL (shaking head)!!! You should know by now that when I have something to say, I'm going to say it! So let's see.

First, you clearly described what you do as having "anonymous sex". Then when somebody said it wasn't sex, you "begged to differ" and argued that it was sex. Then you said that the board is for frotteurism (uuhhh we know)and not about bragging about having sex, but then you turn right around and do just that . . . bragging about your FORTY YEARS of having "anonymous sex" (SMDH)!

You know, it's just more of your circular arguments. It is when it suits something you want to say, but then it isn't when there is something else you want to say to attack on some other point! And don't bring Guestz's name into it. He can speak for himself. And speaking about 40 years in the game, what does that make you? Unless you started groping right out of the womb, you must be at least 50 to 60 years old!

So you see, YOU disrespect ME when you criticize me for my "length of service" calling me "old" and long in the tooth and my package no longer works LOL! And here your old self is! It's hypocritical, it's pathetic, it's two-faced, and it's wrong. Your own words make you exactly who I say you are. I never really prove any of it. You do it all yourself.

Oh, and you spelled a word wrong . . . the word "came" only has one "c" and not two of them . . . I know how you care about that kind of thing, so I'm only pointing it out to help. And as for me, I busted a nut in another pretty white chick's soft, round bubble butt the other night! Ahem! "The site is about frotteurism"??? YeAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOLOLOL!!! The return continues to be a spurting success!

Black Shogun!!!

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