NYC Halloween Parade 2019 (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

NYC Halloween Parade

I want to start out saying that I have to try and avoid the Halloween parade for next year, especially after getting stopped by the cop last year. IT was total craziness. I can't believe some of the shit I was doing, and I'm lucky again not to have been arrested.

I say again this is the ultimate perv paradise. You have limitless opportunities, it turns you into an animal. I became an animal this Halloween. Like someone else said about it your a wolf in a sheep's den or something, he is right. I felt ashamed at the end of the night of all the dirty things I have done.

I want to point out that there were some safety changes this Halloween, maybe I didn't notice it last year, but I am wondering if like someone said, that they believe New York is monitoring this web site. ITs not like they could do anything if they are monitoring it, but its something to think about.

I only had 3 orgasms this Halloween, and came home after wards like a zombie, barely could walk anymore. It was hard to fall asleep as my mind was still looking for prey, even in my bedroom, I was like a beast for so long that I was going crazy. It's hard to explain.

What was interesting about this Halloween was the fact that there was going to be rain, and rain = cum on girls naked legs! Halloween = many girls wearing skimpy outfits and short skirts. It was also very warm this Halloween.

Since I don't want to go into every detail I'll give some of the highlights of the night.

HEre is a summary of the highlights:, if you don't want to read everything just search below for HIGHLIGHT and #. True Chikans will like #3 the best.
1)One of my biggest loads ever on a girls bare naked legs, and she noticed
2)Cumming on 2 Hot Northern European girls
3)Jerking off with my balls on a black girls fat ass, while we were all squeezed together like sardines.
4) Cops coming after me in a bar dance floor!
5) Finshed last orgasm on asian girl in drug store.

#1 highlight) Cumming like a beast on a girls legs, and she felt it and looked at me then proceeded to wipe the cum off her legs. This was my first prey of the night. I had a weeks worth of cum built up in my balls, and included in that week was major blue balls as I missed my opportunity to cum on some private school girls.

Since it was misty/drizzle rain early in the parade, I was looking for a girl in a short skirt. I spotted a girl with a couple friends and stood near them. They were not bunched up in the crowd but were standing back a bit. I tried to give the girl room to get in front of me but she didn't. She then had her back to the parade and was talking with her friends, I was so horny as this girl was hot, early 20's, major short skirt with hot legs. I got behind her and a bit to her side, and heard her talking with her friends about going someplace else. I decided to give it a go and jerked off. I basically shot my entire load on her legs before she finally turned around. It was raining slightly, so she wouldn't notice a little bit of cum, but since I stayed close behind her and shot my entire load on her legs, I must have hit her with so much cum that she finally turned around, glanced at me, and started to look back at her legs and started to reach over to wipe the back of her legs. I got the FUCK out of their as quickly as I could without looking back. I took off as if she was following me.
Remember there were cops everywhere, all it would take was to alert 1 cop and I would be fucked.

HIGH LIGHT #2) Jerked off and shot my load on 2 Norther European girls, probably sweedish girls. There was something about these 2 tall blonde girls with hair pulled backed tight. They were wearing a black skirt but had on stockings. I think what got me off is I was behind one of the girls for a while, I was basically under her umbrella and smelling her perfume. This was turning me on so much. I gave up a nice opportunity to cum on a girl next to her wearing a short skirt with bare skin. But I wanted one of these European girls. I eventually got behind in the middle of 2 of the girls that looked very much alike, and shot my load on both of them.

HIGHLIGHT #3) One hot experience was while I was pressed like sardines at choke points around the Halloween parade, I got behind this black girl wearing black tights, she had a warm hot big ass and she smelled good. She was a overweight black girl, but held her wait nice. It felt so good to be pressed up on her back. I had my dick out and jerking it between us, while my balls were out and pressed on her fat ass. SHe must have been wearing thin pants as her ass felt so warm, maybe it was because it was so big. I was so close to cumming but she turned her head a bit and said "what are you doing back there" as she felt me jerking off and my dick kept slightly hitting her ass. My dick was straight up as it was wedged in between us. This would have been my 3rd orgasm, and probably my best as I was pressed on her big warm ass in black tights. My goal was to basically press up against her with as much body contact as possible while I orgasmed between us, I wanted to smell her the entire orgasm, and my cum would drip down on her fat ass. I get hard thinking about it. She didn't say for me to get away from her, but I didn't want to chance anything as there was cops in our sight. I should have taken it slower, and then went all out during the orgasm. I majorly fucked this one up.

HIGHLIGHT #4)Since I didn't get my 3rd orgasm, and was very close numerous times I was ready to explode, I needed to find a girl to explode on before I went home. The parade was now over so I took my perverted ass to bars. The bars were packed tight. Some bars we were squished like sardines at some points, but I couldn't find a suitable girl to cum on. It didn't help that I was being picky.

Well I was in the dance floor and not being exactly cautious, at some points I was in the light and anyone could have seen my dick was out. While I moved to a different area of the dance floor I saw coming down the hallway a fucking cop. I just knew he was after me. I didn't know what the fuck to do. I didn't plan for this, but since it was pretty dark, I quickly took off my sweart shirt and threw it in the bag, I then took a hat out of my bag and put it on. I then got my illegal possessions and was going to throw it away, didn't want this shit on me if I got caught. But decided to just hold it, and if I got stopped I would throw it away in the darkness.

I didn't see the cop, maybe he was on the dance floor looking for me someplace else because I moved. So I decided to go for it down the hallway and get the fuck out. I left the bar without ever seeing the cop and got the fuck out of there. To now think about it, maybe the cop was coming to use that hallway bathroom and was never after me.

HIGHLIGHT #5) Not being able to find a girl and it was late I decided to get on line behind a asian girl wearing a black skirt with black stockings. I shot my load all over this girls legs. It was so easy to see the cum on the black stockings, and my cum was all over both her legs. I stood behind her until she paid because I didn't want the people behind to say something to her, I really made a mess on her.

I cam on a total of probably 4 girls, as I got 2 girls in 1 orgasm.

It was one fucking crazy night.

I usually say, there will always be next year, but I honestly want to force myself not to go as I will indulge in the most beastly and animalistic behaviors and risk getting arrested. Please someone up above, send me a women I can love, so I will not go again next year.

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