Heavy heart

I'm one of those that been lurking for years enjoying the stories and partaking of this sport. But I got a confession to make about my past actions. I've had to deal with one target that I made a mistake with. Here is my story.
In junior high school I was almost a loner. I was shy and unsure of myself. I saw guys interacting with the girls but I didn't know how to begin enjoying that life. Around 8tg grade they starting rubbing in the girls as a game that the girls seemed to also enjoy, while pretending it was "disgusting". Although I didn't openly do it, it did turn me on.
One of the girls didn't protest what the guys did, and I thought it was because she was shy too. So once we were on a field trip and I got the chance to sneak and rub my raging hard-on against her ass. It was my first time ever rubbing my dick on a girls ass, and I liked it.
Well soon after that incident her friend quietly told me the girl liked me! I was still too shy to even consider going any further than what I'd done, so I ignored her.
We graduated 8th grade and went into the same high school together. Over time, if I got the chance to rub against her, I did. This went on throughout the next 4 years. There woukd be times in class that I'd really get some chikan action in, and by now I was bold with what I did because she kept quiet. It was as if it was just our "thing". I did what I wanted to her in secrecy right there in class and she kept quiet. Once, I had the biggest boner you could imagine and was pressing it against her thigh- I was straight humping her, moaning and all, and no one caught on! But what I didn't know was that she was telling her friend everything. The same friend that had approached me years ago to let me know of my targets "feelings".
To move the story on, the girl had gotten so worked-up over seeing and feeling my dick that she got desperate- she let a guy talk her into giving her some dick and got pregnant. This took her out of school for most of senior year. We kinda o PO parted ways for a while.
Then I ran into her at a party a few years later. We snuck off to a quiet place where I humped her- fully clothed- until again, I busted a fantastic nutt. The next day she called and told me she wanted to fuck. I told her we would, but then things happened and we never got together.
But I didn't see her ever again. Well, I found out recently that when she got pregnant she knew her and I would probably never get together, and that she was having a tough time dealing with it all because she had come to the conclusion that what she let me do to her for so many years woukd eventually seal our "union"! She has had problems dealing with men ever since! It blew me away and I told our mutual friend that I didn't mean to fuck up ger head like that. The friend thinks otherwise. It's a mess to have that guilt hanging over you. I feel horrible about what I may have done to this girls life. I moved on and got married and had kids, but she was still looking to hook up as recently as 2 years ago at our high school reunion, which i wisely dodged. The power of the dick is strong!

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