Humping Security Officers

Since we're talking about how to deal with security, I should mention that yesterday on the bus, I humped the backside of an obviously willing, female security officer and reached an intense climax. She was the third security worker that I have done recently. She was about 30 years old, brown-skinned, plump and tall, with an oval face and harmonious features.

I had to take three buses and make attempts on an equal number of women before I found success. On my first vehicle, I had to put up with a little schoolboy hero, maybe 12 years old, who knew what I was up to, and who tried to get in my way by staring at me, and getting damsels to change their seats. I "tested the virtue' of one woman on that bus before changing vehicles. On my second bus I encountered two more frotteurism deniers.

My third bus was very full, mainly with school children. My partner in anonymous sex boarded after me. We were standing together at the front of the vehicle. I was facing her side, but because someone was standing behind her (backing her) I could not get to hump her. After a while, when someone was getting on or off, I forget which, she seems to have sensed what I wanted, and she actually placed her posterior on my penis, on the pretext of making way for a passenger. That was enough encouragement for me. She now put her backside where I could get at it, and I started to hump it and eventually I arrived at an intense orgasm.

After my climax, we changed positions and ended up reversing roles. I was now standing in front of her while she faced my side, and from time to time she would rub her breasts on my arm. This went on for several minutes until she disembarked. It confirmed my view that she was completely willing when I humped her.

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