I also find it extremely uncomfrtable getting busy at the barricade with security nearby. Even if the girl is obviously into it, I usually don't blend in to the crowd very well so I'm worried about drawing extra attention so I usually hang back a bit from the row of girls on the barricade. On the other habd I've never seen someone get thrown out of a club for grinding too hard so ¯(ツ)_/¯

I have a different solution to the dresscode problem. Wear some super thin black athletic pants UNDER your dresscode pants. Once your'e past security go to the restroom, remove your dresscode pants and put them in your jacket pocket, then put your jacket into the coat check and blend in to the crowd. Only try this if you dont have to walk past more security to get to the coat check and you better leave before the lights come on.

No cock ring needed lol

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