Re: NewClubber/barricade question

Although I've been slack on getting to the actual barricade lately, my method is easy if I follow the guidelines I setup early in the game: one, always try to go to venues that are going to be really packed. Since I like to have access to bare skin, I usually do my dirt in the warmer months that bring large outdoor festivals to the area. This is a must for what I do. I can't imagine being a chikan and not experiencing these situations. For me it's a must. Secondly, to get to the barrier you have to be ready to spend HOURS working it: "the early bird catches the worm"! Or in this instance the earlier your are, the better chance of planting your "worm" and hitting paydirt! My experiences at the barrier are, at least in my mind, legendary. And in all the years I've worked girls against the barrier, not once has security approached me. When you're there, it's all in your mannerisms. If you are blatantly humping, eyes half-closed, rolling back in your head, you look pretty damn suspicious! Looking down at your targets ass while you position your "bayonet" doesn't help. I've found that you act as if the girl thats receiving your dick is almost not there. Look every other way, as if you are not interested in her. She just happens to be standing in front of you. Of course, if security gets busy doing or watching others then you can hump. But you have to do it discretely until you find that the target understands what is going on. A lot of the time (not always) your target will understand what you're trying to accomplish and go along with it. Remember this too: if you're not standing out like a sore thumb you'll probably do okay, because I believe most girls at the barrier know what's gonna happen. If they're wearing shorts or skimpy clothing at a 80,000 strong festival they gotta know there are a few hard cocks behind them at that barrier! Just try to make sure yours is one of them lined up for your pleasure!

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