NewClubber: How to Deal with Security Nearby

I'm sorry to hear about your wasted $20. Better luck next time maybe. I am not going to answer your question directly, because I don't hump at concerts, but I will describe the following parallel situation that may help you. I once humped and climaxed on the shoulder of a woman on the bus who was sitting next to a police woman in uniform. How do you do that? You do it by not diving straight in. You start softly and "introduce yourself", so that she gets to know what you want to do, but you keep things within the boundaries of plausible deniability, so that if she complains, you can pass it off as an accident. if she shows no signs of unwillingness during the introductory phase, then you can go ahead and do your thing. I hope I am not telling you what you know already, but you asked a question, so I thought I wd. try to respond.

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