First club outing / narflarf xhamster (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

I'm the guest from yesterday who asked about clubs/bars. Well, I went to a popular local nightclub last night. It was a lot of fun and got some gropes and humps in. I've only ever humped/groped at concerts.

I got there around 12:30. It was packed but it wasn't as packed as I was expecting. I got a few sexy bitches to twerk their phat asses on me. It felt amazing. One tipsy bitch let her slutty little dress ride up and she was twerking her BARE thong-covered ass on my hard dick. I wish I was wearing my joggers/thin track-pants, I bet that would have felt amazing! I hate that the club had a dresscode policy that specified "no sweatpants, joggers, or athletic wear"! The pants I was wearing were thin but they weren't really hump-friendly due to the policy. I REALLY wanted to pull my cock out the entire night, especially when that bitch was throwing her naked ass on me.... but I would have been spotted and I was wearing a sweater that was DEFINITELY not long enough to cover my dick.

Humping was super easy, didn't really have to to hide my intentions, I just grabbed them by the hips and let them do the work.

Unfortunately, I PERSONALLY feel like club humping pales in comparison to concert humping/groping. The twerking/grinding sessions at concerts last longer, 90% of the time you can stay on the target for the entire night, and there's more chicks to choose from (depending on venue size).

Clubs are smaller so I was kind of just going back and forth in a small space with a limited amount of women to choose from. And they seem more attentive.

I plan on going back there again tonight. Earlier this time, because when I got there it seemed that I was at the tail end of the peak hours. By the time it was 1:00 I noticed the crowd was slightly lighter. Since I got there at 12:30 that gave me about 30ish minutes to get some "work" done. This tells me that the peak hours for this particular club are between 11:00 and 1:30 (like narflarf said lol).

I think I'll use clubbing as an appetizer in between my concert outings lol

This pic is of the tipsy pawg bitch that was throwing her bare ass on me. it's kind of shitty but you can see her grinding her ass on another dude here lol. The X on her hand means she's under 21 btw

PS. Hey narflarf is there a way i can get added to your xhamster? I fucking love your videos. my account:

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