Wide-hipped Wonder

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I have to say that I agree with the last guest who says that you can find as many black women who want to be frotted as white. And remember that black women in America and the Caribbean have been freak dancing for the longest time.

Yesterday on the bus, I arrived at orgasm after pressing my erect penis into the plump shoulder of a wonderful, wide-hipped, young woman. She was brown-skinned, with a pretty, oval face, and a small nose. My willing partner in anonymous sex was smartly dressed in a formal, blue outfit, made of a light, close-fitting material, with long sleeves.

Before I found success, I faced rejections from four other young women. Some of the events of interest that occurred during the chase are the following. On my first bus, an older woman tried to touch my member, but I did not entertain her. On this same vehicle, I saw an old man pressing himself into the shoulder of a woman. It was quite obvious what he was doing, but nobody said anything. I was surprised that someone his age would engage in such behavior.

On my second bus, I was in the middle of humping a damsel's shoulder, when the conductor tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I did not want to sit down, pointing to an empty seat. I told him that I was getting off soon. I was sure that he had detected me, so I cut short my operation.

Three buses an equal number of frotteurism deniers later, I found the woman in blue who told me "yes". As I rubbed my rod on her left shoulder, she responded at one point by looking at my length, but the beauty in blue showed no signs of unwillingness. After more rubbing and scrubbing, I brought myself to a climax. After my member shed its tears of joy, I withdrew, and stayed on the vehicle to see where she would get off.

According to the 'learned doctors" once the frotteur has got what he wanted, he escapes quickly to avoid adverse consequences, but after a woman has let me do her, I usually stay on the bus until I reach my stop,and sometimes I stay on the vehicle to see where my partner disembarks. I am not afraid of her causing trouble, because after all, she was willing, and, in all my years, I have never got into difficulties because of this practice. Seeing where my partner disembarks is something I often do, because it can help
with identification later on.


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