Another tip from a career chikan.....

In anticipation of my next outing I thought I'd share a few more tips for those less-experienced in "chikanerry" haha!
This came to me while doing reconnaissance for the venue I'm going to attend. The show that I have a ticket for is on that I consider to be on the riskier side. After viewing many different videos for the artist, I realized that a.) it's going to be almost 100% white, and b.) mostly under 25. This puts me at a great disadvantage, but one that I've come up with a reasonable way to deal with.
I've gone to shows like this before, where I'm outnumbered and stick out like a sore thumb. But what I found to be common at all the artists' shows is that they advertise "all ages", and the venue keeps really low lighting for the performer. What I do is I get there later than most. This way they don't know if I'm working the venue or if I'm with younger kids. Once in, I can make my way to the front while everyone is focused on the opening act, scope out the crowd, then once the hype starts for the main event I sneak up behind one of these little dumbass youngsters and plaster myself on a target. I don't plan on staying too long unless it gets really good and I choose to prolong it. For you older pervs, try it.

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