swimming hole grope (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

This was during my second year, by now i was a lot more confident with what i could get away with and i took full advantage. Jess came back every year and she was one of my favorite targets for obvious reasons. #1 she was hot and had huge tits, #2 she was a little attention slut, #3 she didn't have a lot of girlfriends so it was easier to put her in situations to molest her.

So we're doing a free afternoon where basically the campers get to do choose what activities they wanna do, and i got roped into taking a bunch of the guys on a hike. Not my fav but whatever. SO jess is having a tough time with the other girls, getting bullied or whatever, she wasn't very popular and so she doesn't wanna participate in any of the activities with the other girls.

So i figure this is a good chance to make the hike a little more interesting. SO i talk to her and say "hey come on the hike you can be one of the boys for today'. She's looking very hot that day in a pair of thin short and a tanktop so all the boys are on board too and encourage her. obviously they appreciate the eye candy for their hike. so finally she agrees and we set off on our hike.

we're hiking along a trail and all the guys are taking looks at her she has her nice tan legs on display in her little shorts and a bit of cleavage showing. She's 15 this summer and now easily D cup tits, on a short pretty blonde girl. It's obvious why the guys like her.

So i decide to make things more interesting and change the hike route from what i had planned. it's a super hot day and everyone is sweaty. the new route goes right by this nice stream with a swimming hole and i know that as soon as they see it all the guys are gonna want to go for a swim. it's a pretty decent hike and sure enough by the time we get there everyone is hot and desperate to go for a swim. Only problem is since we weren't planning to swim no one has bathing suit or towels.

so i make a little show of saying 'no swimming, it's not fair to the people that wanted to hike' but all the guys are begging to go for a swim so finally I say 'fine, but only if everyone agrees they want to swim'. so everyone agrees, i make a point of asking jess if she wants to swim and obviously not wanting to ruin it for everyone else she agrees too.

so all the guys quickly strip down to their boxers and start jumping in and jess is kinda hesitant and tells me she didn't bring a bathing suit. so i tell her she's one of the guys today just swim in her underwear like everyone else it's not like it's so different from a bathing suit. I'm in my boxers too by now and i tell her it's not a big deal. all the guys are encouraging her too, they obviously want to get a good look at her.

so finally she agrees it's no big deal and starts stripping her clothes off. damn you could see all the horny eyes taking her in right away. obviously everyone is trying to be a bit subtle but still get a good look. holy shit she looked amazing. like i said D cup tits, and a kinda small but great shaped ass. She stripped down to her bra and panties and they were definitely way more revealing than a bikini. green/blue bra and little pink panties. First her bra was probably a full cup size too small. She's definitely put on a few pounds of tits since the last summer but her bra hadn't caught up yet. So her tits were practically overflowing her bra and she had some sexy as hell tan lines too. She didn't have on a thong like a lot of the girls wore, which is probably lucky cause i think all 8-10 guys there would have jizzed in their underwear lol. But there was definitely a lot of ass on display and again tanlines which made it obvious how much more revealing her bra and panties were compared to the bikini she wore.

now like i said she's a bit of an attention slut. so even though she was reluctant at first I can tell she likes having all the guys attention on her. most of the guys are already in the water swimming and splashing and she goes over to the edge of the swimming hole and making a big show of dipping her toe in and then screeching that it's cold, doing a little hop and bouncing her big tits, then running away from the edge and letting the guys get a good look at her ass.

so the guys are calling for her to get in and one starts splashing her and she's screeching and bouncing around and putting on a big show. her tits look like they're gonna pop out of her bra at any second. i tell her 'come on Jess we said everyone had to swim' and she complains that's it's too cold.

so i come up behind her and bear hug her and lift her into the air. she probably weighs a hundred pounds and she's easy to carry. she's squirming in my arms and laughing/screeching saying put me down and all the guys are yelling throw her in. meanwhile i'm just taking my time enjoying her. Her ass is pressed into my dick and she's squirming all over the place trying to get out, just rubbing her ass all over my quickly stiffening dick. the only thing between us is my boxers and her little panties.

I carry her to the edge of the swimming hole and the guys in the water are splashing and laughing and having a great time. My arms are just under her boobs, pushing up on the bottom of her tits and making them look even bigger. I can even see the tops of her areolas are poking out of the top of her bras and I know all the boys in the water are loving the show.

She's getting splashed and every time the water hits her she's shifting around and i'm rubbing my now rock hard dick all over her ass. my dick is kind of pointe downwards and her ass cheeks are practically hugging my boner and her panties are getting shoved into her crack. the guys are still chanting "throw her in" but i know that if i do my hard dick will be way too obvious. i can feel the tension building in my balls and I wanna just hold her there for a little bit longer until i blow my load in her ass, but i know i can't so that either.

so I do the only thing i can and jump, still with jess in a bear hug, into the water. we hit the water and i take advantage of the shock and cold to mash my hand into her big tits before i let her go.

so everyone laughing, swimming, splashing, jess included. a lot of the guys are definitely focusing on her, splashing her and trying to get close. i manage to get a few more feels of her ass. but i'm still super horny and i desperately wanna cum. people are getting out and jumping back in. Jess gets a lot of stares every time she's out of the water. her wet bra and panties are clinging to her skin and she looks like a wet dream. the water is super cold and her hard nipples are obvious even through her bra, her panties are almost see through and everytime she jumps in or climbs out she has to keep pulling her bra up to cover herself. there was definitely a few nip slips.

Still i wanna get some more feels of the little slut so i come up with a plan. I have a small inflatable beach ball in my bag so i pop out of the pool and quickly blow it up. and then jumping back in the pool with the ball i call 'keep away!'.

That's enough to start up some chaos! all the boys are chasing me and once they catch up to me i throw the ball away and someone else grabs it and the game is on. it quickly devolves into a free for all with everyone crowded around whoever has the ball trying to pry it away from them. jess is hanging back a little, but i still manage to get a few gropes of her ass.

finally someone tosses the ball right in front of jess and she grabs on. this is what i've been waiting for and i'm sure all the horny 15 year old guys are having the same thoughts. she's quickly swarmed and it's a free for all. there's 7 or 8 guys there + me and i'm sure most of them were copping a feel with more or less subtlety. i reach in and squeeze one of her tits. everyone is laughing and screaming and it's total chaos. i manage to get right behind her and get my dick back on her ass.

omg this is perfect. i'm quickly hard again with my dick pressing into this little sluts ass. i know it's not gonna be long before she gives up the ball and the opportunity slips away. So i go for it all out. I slip my dick out of the fly in my boxers and i have my naked dick on her bare ass cheek. the cold water dulls the feeling a little bit but the warmth of her skin feels amazing. I know i have to be fast so i just press my dick into her ass and start jerking it with my free hand. I'm feeling all over her ass with the back of my hand as i jerk my hard cock and rub the head all over her. I'm rubbing on her bare ass cheek and then i feel my cock slip into the bottom of her ass crack. Her panties are wedged in there and i can feel her bare skin hugging the head of my dick. that's enough to put me over the edge.

i stroke one more time and then start cumming right into her ass crack i let go of my cock and grab onto her hip and pull her into me and my cock just keeps pulsing against her bare skin pumping spurt after spurt of cum into her ass crack.

ugh holy shit it was incredible. all the while the chaos is still going on around us. someone finally gets the ball away from her, but it doesn't go far and the crowd is still surrounding us. i feel my dick starting to go soft and slip it back into my boxers. i'm not sure if my cum is floating free or stuck in her panties.

so finally i tell the campers it's time to get out and finish the hike. jess is one of the first out and all eyes are on her again. her little pink panties are really wedgied into her ass and she gives all the boys a great view as she's getting out. her hard nipples are poking through her bra. i can tell all the boys would love to shoot their loads on her too. she gets dressed again and the shows over for now, but even dressed her tanktop is getting see through cause it's all wet and same for her thin shorts. so all the boys are still checking her out.

all this made jess even less popular with the girls at camp and more popular with the boys as they all started talking about her. the rumors were that she went skinny dipping and flashed all the guys, guys were talking about how they felt her up while she was swimming. and basically she got a rep as a big slut. this just led to the girls bullying her more and her spending more time with the boys, which was fine with me.

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