Hit the Crack Jack!


I hit the crack jack! And ahma go back for more and more and more and MORE! WHAT YOU SAY??? I hit the crack jack! And ahma go back for moooooooore! Ahma go back for moooooooore!!!

As I looked to establish a dormant practice, I found that the landscape around town had changed significantly. Two of my top four joints for going on the crack attack had closed! Thank God that my old number 1 place where I have nutted 100% of the time (and sometimes two) every time I went was still open. But bars number 2 and 3 were done for. I hate the fact that number 2 is gone too because it was almost as good as number 1 for yielding chikan butt fuck nuts.

So, I continued to do my research and found out about another place that appeared to be very popular. Tiny and gets packed on the weekend! I considered several other places to give it a go, but in the end stuck with this tiny little hole in the wall bar as it looked to be the most promising and fertile. And sure enough! Went last night a nutted against a blonde white girl's butt! Just like old times LOL!

Actually, as was often the case in the past, I had been riding one of her friends (brunette) far longer than her, who turned out to be the "warm-up girl" before blondie finally produced the nut. The other thing that was often so typical of my previous practice was that the nut came at the very end of the night. In fact, the lights had come up, and it was the very last song of the evening. Goes to prove what I have said many times before. Don't give up! Hang in there and fight for the nut to the bitter end!

Blondie was short and cute and had on some THIN clothing. I forget what the last song was. Think it was some corny shit like John Denver's Country Road (take me home since it was closing time) or some shit. Anyway, there were about 8 friends in all. Mix of guys and gals. They were all in a circle hugging and swaying to the music. I wasn't wearing any underwear and had my dick out. Hidden by a long shirt. And I was all up on blondie's tender, soft buns! As she swayed back and forth to the song singing . . . left, right, left . . . she was taking my stiffy along with her cheeks this way and that. Felt damn good, and I was on the verge of cumming!

I put my dick in the up position and leaned further and harder into blondie's butt, beginning to penetrate now in between her ass cheeks! I hit the crack jack! This action lasted less than a minute before my body jerked with uncontrollable spasms as I spermed against blondie's swaying butt cheeks 'n ass crack . . . that literally "rubbed one out" of me! Put my dick back inside my pants and zipped up. Then got the fuck out. The Shogun is back jack! More bars (and a festival) on the horizon!

Black Shogun!!!

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