Re: allrounder

Most of the time early-on I came in my pants. But I hated it so much that I started looking for the thinnest pants I could find- so it would deep through! Back in the late 80's I found some pants out at Venice Beach- out near the area known as "Muscle Beach" where the weightlifting goes on. The ones I bought were super soft and super thin- so much so that more than a few times when I was wearing them, minus underwear of course, that I heard women commenting on seeing my dick through them! I would wear them to the boardwalk on Sundays and do my thing in the thick summer crowds. When id bust a nut in those I swear, there were a few times I still left cum on my targets despite not having it out! They were thin enough that once, I was jammed up against a long-legged Mexican girls bare thigh against a concrete barrier, and when I came my juices ran down her thigh. She didn't understand what had happened because my tool was in my pants. But after a few years using those pants, one day I got depressed because I was spending so much time on the hunt that I got stupid and threw them away! What a mistake. But it wasn't long before I move East, discovered these huge, cheap, white girl populated festivals and got the idea to ALWAYS find a way to cum on them! Granted I'm exaggerating saying "always", but a lot of the time, at the right venues, I cum on them!

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