Re: an added note, Allrounder

I failed to mention, that once while feeling particularly horny but not wanting to risk catching anything, I paid a prostitute to allow me to rub my pecker all over her legs, stomach, in between her tits, and in her face! Her skin was extraordinarily soft and smooth, and I commented on it as I made my "rounds". I finally bust a huge load on the inside of her thigh. She smiled and mentioned that she actually thought it was sexy to cum on her. I've mentioned that before on this site. If you research it you'll find that some women think that when men cum on them it is a way to show that woman that they "approve" of their sexuality. Although it's most likely done during actual sex: instead of cumming in them you pull it out and wash them down with jizz! I don't mind doing that either, if they don't!

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