Re: allrounder

Yes Allrounder, I love the feel of women's skin. I've been that way since before I can remember even starting kindergarten! I remember a girl that lived ion our street. She was of Hispanic descent. She would have on dresses when she came over to play with my older sister. Her skin was "different" from what I had ever seen. Then, as you said, mini skirts became the big thing, and ads on tv emphasized making legs smoother by shaving the hair off. As a young lad I was bombarded with the idea of thighs and legs being sexy, hence my fascination with skin. Even to this day, if you advertise just about anything, you include a sexy girl with all her thigh showing and you get attention. I've not seen a commercial or advertisement with a hairy-legged girl. Nor do I ever care to! But ultimately it's about "that thing" in between those sexy, smooth limbs! Cumming on them (especially white women, because let's face truth: Close to 100% of the ads featured them back then) was my way of getting "back" at them. I know it's twisted thinking but I don't care as long as I can continue to do it. I love all types of women's skin, but for the oddest reason white women in public settings that I attend seem to be more oblivious to my dick on their skin, which gets me off!

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