4 corners (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

Thanks for the man of the month award. lots of great stories lately, love the pics from narflarf too. Here's another story from my time at summer camp and I have abunch more to come.

Another favorite game we played in the water with lots of opportunities to grope girls was called 4 corners. in this game you can play with a huge number of people, 40 easily, you divide into 4 teams and split into the four corners of a pool. then someone calls numbers, like '1 vs 3' all the people in corner 1 have to try to get to corner 3 and vice versa while all the opposite team tries to drag you to the corner they're going. game ends when everyone ends up on one team.

So it's basically mayhem where you're trying to drag people one direction and they're trying to drag you the opposite way, you can team up to drag someone to your corner. anyway lots of opportunities to grope the girls you're playing with. the only problem is you have a limited time to work, so it's very hard to frott girls and cum, but very easy to molest them, and grab a handful of ass and titties.

so in my first year as a counselor i'm still trying to figure out the best strategies to grope and frott girls. I didn't know about this game before this but as soon as we played the first time i could see the opportunities were great. the first time i played was mid may through year 1. there was a bunch of girls playing i wanted to get my hands on. up first was britney, she was tall and athletic, 16, with an incredible ass, light brown hair and a pretty face. i targeted her cause she was a really strong swimmer and since i was one of the bigger stronger people on my team naturally it's kind of my job to target the other strong players.

so it get called my corner vs hers and i head right for her. she's got her head down swimming hard but i grab her by the waist letting my hands slip down to her ass. the first time i let her through pretty easily, while at the same time letting my hands run down her whole ass and legs. mm she felt amazing, she had a perfect soft juicy ass that was just toned enough to be really perky. she was wearing a one piece bathing suit that hugged her ass and half of each cheek was hanging out.

so i let her get by, cause half the game is not catching the girl you want to grope the first go around so you get more chances. so basically i have a couple of traget girls on each team i want to molest as much as i can. and then some rounds i go after guys so that people aren't suspicious i'm only targetting the hot girls.

next team i'm up against there's not a lot of good targets but i go after this one girl Amy, she's 13 tiny, pale girl with dark hair, but she's pretty hot. she has a firm little ass and small perky tits with nipples that were poking though her bathing suit. she's also in a one piece suit but it's super thin and you can really see her whole body through it. so she goes by and she's small so i grab her and grab into her in a big bearhug mashing my hand right into her firm little tits and at the same time pressing my cock into her tight little ass. she starts squirming right away trying to get out of my grip but i just hold her tight and enjoy the feeling of her rubbing her ass all over my stiffening dick. i'm slowly dragging her back to my corner rubbing my cock on her the whole time until i'm just about there and then i let her slip away for next time.

back against britney's team this time and i go in for round 2. I tell a couple of the guys to team up me to get britney and they don't need to asked twice. I grab her around the waist again and this time my helpers grab her feet and arms and together we carry her back to our corner. the whole time i'm letting my hands slip down and palm her ass and rubbing my dick against the side of her thigh.

so this is making me hornier and hornier groping these little sluts and rubbing my dick against them but not being able to get off. we go against another team and i pick another girl to molest. this time it's christy, she's not super hot, she's a bit bigger with curly brown hair but she has huge tits and a big soft ass and I can't resist bearhugging her and rubbing my hard dick all over her. i drag her all the way back to my corner, with her squirming against my dick the whole time. I'm getting so close to cumming and my dick is rock hard, but each frott is over to quickly for me to shoot my load.

the game is slowing down too as my team is winning and here's less and less people on the other teams. this means less and less opportunities to frott. I get in a few good gropes squeezing amy's tight little ass a few more times but I realize i'm not gonna be able to get off. That's ho it goes most times I guess, you can't have a great nut every time.

after the game i excused myself to the bathroom and blew a huge load though thinking about all the little sluts i just felt up.

over time though i worked on my technique for 4 corners and managed to get some really good frotts out of it. but at the start it was fun but frustrating.

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