Since it's slow on the board, a question

just thinking earlier today about a few particular past targets that really stand out. I've been at this for literally decades, and I've had my share of "special" moments. But still, some of my best groping/chikan experiences came(no pun intended) in the nascent days while exploring my little nasty habit, in the form of those high school girls I was privy to "rehearsing" on. There's a few girls from my accomplishments that the thought of still give me a hard-on. One girl, if I was to single out a special one, had skin as smooth as any I've felt up in 5 decades! I had the pleasure of abusing her for the full 4 years of high school, and we remained friends for years after. I was once stuck in a tight dark area with her mini skirt-wearing ass right in front of me, and by the time we were out of the "situation" I'd fondled, rubbed, pinched, pulled my tool out and came on her for about 45 minutes. She never said a word about it. And get this: once there was a little horny freshman that was taking advantage of her short dress. He was openly rubbing his dong on her, wresting to pin her against whatever he could. She called me to help her, and I had to deprive him of the pleasure I had experienced for so long! When I got him off of her and led him away he told me he had been getting her for a few weeks! He worked after school on the school grounds and would routinely catch her alone. I think he would have raped her had it gone on much longer. Anyway, she always stands out because of how smooth her skin was and how short her dresses were. Of course that's just one of the special ones. I'm not referring to girls you screwed, but Chikan targets that really stand out and why. Please share if you don't mind

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