Arm Humper Reveals One of His Trade Secrets

Yesterday evening on the bus I came to a very big climax as I pressed my erection into the shoulder of an attractive young woman. She was short, light-skinned, and pleasantly plump. Her face was heart-shaped and she wore glasses. She looked good in her navy blue skirt and close-fitting orange top. My partner in anonymous sex was about 25 years old. In my experience, women of that "in between age" are the most difficult to get. Teens and milfs are easier, but damsels between the ages of about 20 and 30 are the ones who are least likely to say "yes" so this success was special for me.

Yesterday's success was also highly prized by me because it was hard-won. Six damsels told me "no" before I found my willing partner. Consensual frotteurism can be hard work sometimes. You cannot just force yourself on a girl, ejaculate, and run away, thinking that you have achieved something great. No, the consensual frotteur has to seek out a lass who is willing to have sex with a stranger, and such fillies are not always easy to find. Of the six girls who denied me, four were students, two from one school, two from another.

The vehicle on which I found success was one that had been lucky for me in the past. On that bus, almost 21 years ago, I had climaxed on the shoulder of a school girl whom I was later able to identify. The bus had also been favourable for me in January of this year, when another school girl let me climax on her backside while we were on it.

When I boarded this vehicle at a stop near town, I was disappointed because there were no opportunities for me, but I pinned my hopes on a young woman who was standing near the back of the bus. I placed myself near to her hoping that she would get a seat and that I would get a chance to hump her shoulder. (The bus was not full enough for me to try to mount her backside.) I waited for about 15 minutes before my wish was finally realized.

I did not go in for any preliminaries. As soon as she sat down, I stood beside her and connected my growing member with her plump right shoulder. She looked around at what was prodding her, but made no adverse response. For some reason, it took me a little longer to climax than usual. I thrusted my erection into her shoulder a few more times than usual before I arrived at a very big orgasm. After I came, she looked around at my pants and must have seen the semen stain and realized that I came.

The unusually intense climax that I experienced was due to the fact that for a few days before going out adventuring, I had applied vitamin E oil to the head of my member. For a few years now, I have found that doing that gives me larger climaxes. The oil is not actually on the little head when I am hunting; I find that applying it in the days before an outing then washing it off before going out has the desired effect.

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