A few weeks back I wrote of the good time I had at a huge festival I'd never attended before. It was majority African American with an abundance of juicy, booty shaking lasses in attendance. Yes I had an absolute good time on the cabooses I mounted, and enjoyed the way my targets milked my built-hot, steamy-frothed love juices. But I got to admit this here and now: I now realize I'm not satisfied at my accomplishments thus far this fall. What I've been craving for ever since earlier this month is some grinding, groping, rubbing and eventually cumming on some young white sluts. I'm itching now to find a way to scratch this itch, which is like being infested with some type of bugs or being attacked by mosquitoes! Damn! I've seen white flesh over the past few weeks that has made me quietly fume inside. I gotta find a way. And for those who say just get you some pussy, I say it's a different craving. At least for me. I want a strange slut wearing barely any clothes, standing in a tight, public place letting me molest her thighs and ass until I slather her with cum. Only then will I be satisfied. At least as a chikan. Fucking is one outlet, which I can always get. I think right now I want chikan. This is what I need. Frotting, frotteurism, chikanning, whatever it is, that's what I crave now.

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