Spunk Fiction

Although I'm away on a business trip right now I still have to find some opportunities to grope. Went to this rock concert last week and didn't expect much due to the size of the venue compared to the lack of people but I got lucky.

Scoping the area I couldn't even find girls worth groping, yet alone ones within a dense enough area to grope. I started losing hope when the 3rd cover band had already come on and I hadn't even done anything yet. But after they finished and one of the 2 main bands came on more people started flooding in.

One girl was wearing this tight black top and plaid red schoolgirl skirt. She looked almost exactly like the girl from the cover of Pulp Fiction, except a shorter petite version. She had a nice set of perky tits and an ass for a slim girl. As the crowd became more dense she was packed in the middle and I got up behind her. Her skirt was the perfect length for me to get my camera underneath without much work. I'll post screenshots once I'm back from my trip.

While I was upskirting her and groping her ass in between the first main band came on and the lead guitarist knelt down on stage reaching his hand out to the crowd. Everyone nearby went wild to go grab his hand, all leaning over each other towards one direction in a cone. Think of it like how the stick of a teepee or bonfire are all leaned up against one another.

I got shoved into her from someone behind me and as she hopped up and down trying to reach his hand she landed on my bulge. I even met her halfway at certain points when I was jumping up pretending to get closer too. I was practically doing the Michael Jackson lean into this girl's asshole and she was none the wiser.

After that I was so built up that while the crowd was still in a frenzy I pulled out my dick and pressed my it hard into her skirt, not letting a drop of cum go to waste. I hadn't cum in a few days so it was a bigger load than usual, made all the more noticeable in the night vision footage thanks to her shaking her hips and smearing my load all alongside her skirt. You would think someone cracked on egg over her ass looking at my load.

Today is the last day of my business trip, but there's a nightclub near me that's 18+ instead of 21+. That means potentially many young 18-20 year old girls looking for a way to get alcohol. Many will be seeking older guys to buy them drinks, and even many reviews I see for it online talk about older guys frequenting to try and pick up young girls, so it's literally a Perverts Paradise lol

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