“She turned her head and looked absolutely shocked that she managed to make me bust a nut”

I absolutely love it when she either looks back at me, moans, or tells a friend

I remember this happening to me twice in one day, and the dynamic of the first was very arousing. There were 3 white girls, the one I wanted was thick and wearing leggings. As I entered the event, her friend was giving me the eye, I could tell she wanted this dick but I wanted the friend.

I started to ride the one I wanted. Man. The booty was so soft. As I entered I went hard immediately and her cheeks just swallowed me. But, she said to her friend ‘I can feel a dick’. The friends first question is ‘is it hard’ LOOOL. She said yes and the friend just looked at me. It was so arousing because I felt like she was jealous that her friend was getting assfucked and not her. I rode that ass for so long and she just gave it back. If I fell if she would just throw it back.

At one point as I increased the pressure, getting on her so tight my cock was in between her, and her cheeks were on my thighs, she let out a loud sigh mid sentence in conversation. Man, that shit is so sexy

Later that day, similar woman, white with a phatty in black leggings. The moment I got on her with my hard dick, she loudly said ‘oh my God’ then looked back at me. Here, it was on her cheek. After she looked back forward she shifted so it slid into her crack. Man. The next best thing to nutting is making it so these women can’t control themselves!

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