First Nutt (on a stranger)

I'd been practicing my chikan-thing for years on girls that I was close to at the private school I attended. So after graduating high school I was plumb out of options when it came to my side hobby. I spent a lot of time getting my grind on in whatever situation I came up on in crowds, but that never led to a "busted nutt"! Not until a huge outdoor festival I finally attended two years later.
Like The Black Shoguns first, it was at this festival that I discovered how a complete stranger could allow me the honor of not only cumming on her backside, but rising to the challenge of assisting this strange and nasty man that ended up behind her while innocently minding her own business. Well fellas, her business turned out to align perfectly, at both of ours' midsections, with my business!
The festival was a strictly "Black" affair. A very popular R&B festival at the time that attracted lovers of Funk music to a very large stadium. There was probably 80-90k in attendance, with half of that on the grass in front of a very large stage.
Booties were shaking all day out under the warm California sun. And it was a booty-lovers paradise: L.A., late 70's, at the end of an era that still flourished with mini-skirts and around the time daisy-dukes were beginning to hit the scene, as I can remember.
As the time went on that day, I made my way too and from the the field, as I groped a multitude of girls. It was the first time I'd ever gone to something this big by myself. It was all planned out because I figured I'd do a tone of groping in a crowd like this, which of course I did. But as the day wore on I got more and more horny, and the thought came to me that maybe I could get down in the crowd and get close enough on a target to touch my tool to her ass. I figured the crowds were tight enough so why not try?
I had been sitting in the stands just watching for girls in shorts to come up to visit the concession stands, then I'd follow them into those areas, where I'd position myself to grope their beautiful thighs. But now I was deep in the crowds on the field, where I not only groped, but was standing just inches from some of L.A.'s finest. It took all of 20 minutes of positioning to finally become plastered behind a 15-ish young girls firm ass. I was finally grasping how wonderful a festival could be for a freak like me! Remember, at this time in my life I didn't know that what I was doing had to do with a "disorder". I'm thinking that I'm doing something not many people know about or know that is possible. I had friends that did it at school to girls they knew, but to do it in a crowd of strangers was new to me.
I stayed on the young girl (I was young myself, actually) for about 30 minutes, until I got the idea that I should go to a bathroom and remove my underwear, so the next time maybe I could feel the targets ass better, which I did. I go back down to the field and start my search again.
Now things are getting good. The sun is started to get low in the sky, which adds a shadowy light to the stadium. The better groups on the bill are starting to perform, so the crowds are getting thicker in front of the stage. More targets. I stumbled on this one really shapely "sister" in some tight jeans. I stood behind her for about 10 minutes as she shook her money-maker right in front of my stretched out, testosterone-fueled hydraulic pump tool! It had been awakened by the fact that this girl was shaking her sexy body in front of this young boy who'd never seen a girl dance like this with nobody dancing with her, all the while wishing he could touch her. I inched forward enough for the head of the tool to make contact.
Apparently that's what she was hoping for! Because next thing I know she steps back into me, formally sealing the contact! At first I was a little embarrassed because it was obvious that she was by herself when I first walked up. I only took a chance on making light contact with her juicy rear. I hadn't thought of joining in her dance the way she must have assumed. She gyrated against me deliberately, deliciously, making my balls get that familiar tingle. I backed off of her, not wanting to cum on this stranger. It wasn't like the girls I knew in school, who I knew through experience wouldn't say anything when I obviously came against them. But when she realized there was no contact she quickly closed the gap, continuing her motions.
It got so damn good at one point I whispered in her ear to "please slow down. You're gonna make me cum". I was embarrassed saying that because I'd never talked to a target about how good the "sneaky" stuff I was doing felt. But this was so different, and I didn't want to cum amongst all these people and have to deal with the wetness, etc. she just looked halfway over her shoulder with a smirk on her face and kept going.
SHIT, that look of defiance on her face spoke volumes, and I knew at that point what was about to happen, and within a minute it did! All day I had been groping thighs and imagining cumming on them like I did throughout high school, and I was worked up. Young, dumb, and full of cum. This slut knew how to deal with dicks on her backside, and she dealt with mine. I was now streaming cum into my thin polyester pants, and it was running down my right leg like someone had opened a closed up water hose! I'd done this before in my own controlled settings, but this girl ushered me into new territory. All of a sudden I'm lightheaded and my pants are soaked from an explosion of semen, standing in the middle of 20-30k on a grassy field in front of a stage.
I was shaken by this one. To tell the truth I was embarrassed how I handled it. I finished the last drop then eased off of her. She knew that ride was temporarily over with. Probably thinking he needs a break for awhile. I'm sure I could have taken the break then gotten back on for seconds, but I switched streams and got outta there to go survey the damage. I made my way to the bathrooms, which was quite a trek up several tiers/sections of seats, the whole way holding my head down in hopes I wouldn't run into anybody I knew, and they would see the mess in front of my pants.
After cleaning it up I sat back down to rest and reflect on what had happened. My head was reeling! That reeling migrated down to my groin-area, and before long I was back down in the crowd, searching for another hopefully willing target. It's night now and the show is coming to a climax. Within an hour I was too- having found yet another stranger that would milk me! My private chikan life has now graduated, a full 2 years after high school. There was no looking back now!

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