The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

While looking for my Inaugural Nut story, I came across the following written by me on Thursday, December 5, 2002. You know, if somebody wants to make certain allegations, they should be held accountable for telling the truth and nothing but. The full story. And especially when they themselves assert that honesty is the most important thing (once again no credibility):


I'm afraid he's right my chikan friends. A lack of consent plus the SLIGHTEST penetration makes the case for rape. But still, I never considered myself to be raping anybody . . . at least until the discourse in here caused me to think very hard and very deeply about it all.

I understand the legal definition, which can get to be even tougher when dealing with minors because they are deemed to be incapable of giving consent under any circumstances, no matter what. But still, from a psychological standpoint, all out rape is about violence . . . wanting to hurt and maim and so forth.

I have none of that in me. I want her to enjoy . . . or at least to remain unaware if she's not going to enjoy. This is how I square things up in my head.

Black Shogun

Note: So if a girl happens not to enjoy, then so be it, but clearly I have no predisposition towards liking it even more when she doesn't. AND I SAID SO IN PLAIN WRITING APPROACHING 17 YEARS AGO!!!

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