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Years ago I wrote about my first time. I entitled the story:


Shogun remembers well the first time he ever achieved orgasm against a strange girl's bum while humping her in a crowd. It was at a large outdoor concert in the late summer many years ago. At that time, I was not going to a lot of concerts or other crowded places with ultra-excited anticipation of the possibility of a good chikan grind. I mean, I looked forward to the "contact," but it hadn't become "my thing."

I mean, I had done it before, and I had seen other guys do it . . . and it had brought me great pleasure . . . but at that time, I had no idea that it was possible to hump a girl so hard and so deep up her buttcrack while in a crowd that you could actually sperm in her A-hole. I would discover the "dirty truth" on this day.

When I arrived at the site of the concert, it was already pretty crowded. Way back then, I had yet to develop any sophisticated kind of techniques for making sure I got a good spot behind the prettiest, deepest cracks available. I was several rows back from the stage. There is no doubt that the more experienced chikans had already "taken up their positions" in much more favorable spots on the concert grounds.

I saw an average lookin girl with a big butt wearing some thin cotton shorts. The sight of her luscious, full bumcheeks made my dick hard, and I tried to stick it into one of the deepest cracks to remain in my memory to date. I had on thin, black shorts with no underwear. I tried to insert my "BUTT PROBE" into her big "HINDER". However, I could not get to her from where I was at in the crowd. There was a guy standing in the way with some of his friends there. I heard the guy tell one of his friends that I was "rubbin." Hahahaha! I know what the deal was though. The greedy bastard just wanted all that crack for himself! If not, then why was that even on his neanderthal mind?

The show started and Shogun still had not found any butt to dig into. I figured that I wasn't going to get anything from where I was standing, so I decided to move. I started moving to my left, working my way through the crowd and looking for potential action. As I did so, I saw this old black guy surrounded by a crowd of girls with his hands down by his sides. This guy was in Heaven! Hahahaha! He had this goofy look on his face and he kept turning his body this way and that . . . rubbin his old, black MAMBA SNAKE on all those babes! Hahahaha! I watched the fucker, and he just about turned 360 degrees rubbin his trouser snake on those chicks. Ha! They seemed not to notice and/or care.

"Damn!" I thought. "I want to have some of this fun too!" I continued working my way to different spots in the crowd . . . wasting valuable time due to my inexperience. Eventually, after much work and persistence, I did manage to find myself in the second row in front of the stage . . . and behind a big butt, average lookin girl with brown hair wearing jean shorts. She seemed to be early 20s to me. She wasn't hot, but to this day Shogun does not require "hot." If she has average looks . . . and if the crack is deep and the cheeks are round . . . then Shogun is ready to throw dowwwnnnn! Hahahaha!

Well, I was pretty horny by now, so I decided to hump this big butt girl with the brown hair. I pushed my dick into her crack not knowing at all how she would respond. If she showed at all that she didn't like it, Shogun was prepared to back off. I was not as bold then as I would one day become. To my absolute delight, the big ass bitch did not protest. To the contrary! In fact, what she did was put her forearms up on the barricade upon which the crowd (and my dick thrusts) pinned her, clasped her hands together, and then rested her chin on her hands. I looked around at her face and could see that she was taking pleasure from this strange hard dick of mine being ground into the most private of areas on her body.

The girl's reactions to my animalistic hunching gave Shogun the green light he needed. I've always had this kind of "instinct" when it has come to knowing whether a girl has accepted my "Animal Planet" placement of my weight upon her back and feminine haunches. And so with the "go ahead" from this big booty, brown-haired buttfucker, Shogun started to "pack her fudge in!" I pushed hard and deep! And to make it all the more the BOMB, the bitch started to BOB her BIG, DEEP CHEEKS up and down with VIGOR to the music! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Finally! Finally! Finally Shogun had managed to "bury the hatchet" into the "DIRT" tooooo!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

My dick twitched and pulsed with pleasure as I butthumped my girl in the crowd! The thing is though, the crowd had started to thin a bit, and this really increased the chance that people could clearly see what was going on. Should I stop? Should I keep going but ease up a bit?? What, what, what???? The decision Shogun made was a percursor of the "ballsy" decisions he would make later on in his life . . . SHOGUN KEPT BUTTFUCKIN THE MOTHERFUCKIN SHIT OUTTA THAT CRACK!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I didn't give a fuck who saw it!

Apparently, my girl didn't care either because she kept right on a bobbin her phat tail up and down on my dick . . . goin with the tunes . . . my big weiner fuckin SCRUBBIN through the length of a deep crack! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! WE had been going like this for awhile when all of a sudden . . . all of a sudden . . . I got this intense feeling of pleasure in my loins . . . I'M . . . AM I . . . I'M GONNA . . . UUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!! I CaaaaaaaRRRRRRREAMED on the bitch!!!! AAAHHHHH . . . AAAHHHHHHHHH . . . AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

This was the first time ever for me! I couldn't believe it! MY INAUGUARAL CROWD BUTTFUCK NUT into strange big butt asscheeks!!! WOW! And the thing that was great about it is that when I shot, I came HARD and LUNGED up the bitch's "BUTT SLIDE" so hard that she knew I had came! In fact, as my dick twitched and spewed forth it's "BABY BATTER" into the slut's butthole, my whole body SPASMED, and I fell into her back 3 times and put my full weight upon her . . . 3 times . . . one time for each "SHOT OF GOO" I spewed forth into her "BOOTY SPOKES." Hahahahaha!!!!

I was excited that the bitch KNEW I had cum too. I know she knew because the first time I lunged into her, she lifted her chin up off of her hands where it had been resting peacefully and almost turned around to look at me. But she only turned her head half-way around to the right, then looked forward again. My body then uncontrollable "SPAZZED" two more times and my dick "jizzed" a big load up her fuckin BUM!!! YEEAAAAUUHHHHHH!!! Shogun had achieved his first nut . . . his INAUGURAL NUT . . . while humpin stranger girl butt in a crowd.

After I spermed, I step back from the girl and she had stopped bobbin her butt. She damn well knew what the deal was. She had been gettin drilled in the butt, and she bobbed her big "ARSE GAP" up and down cuz the shit felt good to her. Then she stopped cuz she knew I had spermed on her and the hump was done :-) As I began to walk away, I saw a girl to my left who was just standing there . . . her eyes all big and round . . . her mouth hanging open and all the blood drained from her face. She had seen the whole thing! How I had buttfucked that big ass bitch, then busted my nuts off in her ass crack! The "looky loo" was stunned! Heeheeheehee!

I had seen this girl out of the corner of my eye when I was making my decision to keep my "PLOW" in that "paydirt." I didn't give a rip who was looking while in the "heat of the moment." But now, I did feel kind of embarassed that this teen chic had seen it all. I continued on my way, being thankful that I was wearing black shorts because I was carrying a sticky mess of spermies in my clothing. For the rest of the night . . . and then some . . . all I could think about was how I had managed to buttfuck a strange girl in a concert crowd until I came. Not only that, but she was a FULL PARTICIPANT in the act! WOW! A new CONCERT BUTTFUCKER was born. It was I . . . BLACK SHOGUN!!!

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