panty raid (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

i always tried to encourage the male campers to be pervs. i dunno why i guess i just thought it was hot, even if it wasn't me doing it. it also normalized it for everyone so the girls wouldn't see it as a big deal if they got groped or whatever and it would let me see which girls were likely to put a big stink vs which ones liked the male attention. so i always encouraged them and then tried to make sure they didn't get in too much trouble if they got caught doing something. basically acting as an enabler as much as possible.

one summer camp classic is the panty raid and it usually didn't take much encouragement since all the boys were horned up anyway. all the cabins were split up into boys on one side of the camp and girls on the other. the cabins slept up to 8 campers split up mostly by age, and the counselors had their own cabin so mostly the kids were on their own. there was a lot of pranks between cabins, mostly just harmless fun and no one took it too seriously, same thing with the occasional panty raid.

this was late in my first summer. there was this really hot girl, amanda, 16, pretty tall, skinny with a great ass and tits, brunette hair. super hot but pretty prissy and prude, you didn't want to try anything with her or she'd make a scene. She was always wearing super tight little shorts and showing off her ass i often caught peek of her thongs poking out. so basically she dressed like a hot little slut but acted like a stuck up prude. I really wanted to grab a feel or at least get a good look at her body but it was near the end of her two week session and i still hadn't gotten anything despite pulling all my usual tricks.

the camp rule was all the campers had to wear proper pyjamas but it was end of july and very hot even at night, so even though the girls would usually be in pyjamas the hotter it got the less they wore to bed. over breakfast i happened to overhear one of the girls in her cabin making fun of her to her friend calling Amanda was a slut and an exhibitionist and she slept topless.

the next night, when i'm on cabin patrol, a bunch of the younger guys in one of the boys cabins are talking about who's the hottest girl at camp, who has the biggest boobs all that kind of stuff. so i mention that i heard that all the girls in cabin 8 sleep naked. obviously this gets them excited and they talking about this girl and that girl, how they wanna see them naked etc. so i tell them well when i was a camper we'd just go into their cabin and do a panty raid and made sure to add 'but don't even think about it or you'll be in trouble'. so i figure the idea's in their heads hopefully they'll go for it and then i can come in and chase them off and hopefully get a good look at the girls myself.

sure enough at lights out when i go around to check on the boys cabin i can hear them chattering about doing a raid and once i get to their cabin they go quiet like they're keeping a secret. so i figure i won't have to wait long. i figure i'll keep an eye on that cabin and see what they do.

i see them sneaking out of their cabin, trying to be quiet but making way more noise than they need to, heading towards the girls side of the camp. i wait a little bit and then get up to take a closer look. i head towards the bathrooms which are inbetween the girls and boys sides to i can be closer to the action and be first on the scene.

not long before i hear screeches coming from one of the girl cabins. i get to where i have a good view of the girls cabin and then wait a bit. I wanna time it right so the boys have a little time to do their thing but not too long that the girls have a lot of time to react. i watch for a bit and then head over.

inside the girls cabin its mayhem! there's about one and a half cabins worth of boys in there, so 12 14 year old boys and 8 half naked 16 year old girls in a cabin that barely fits 8 people. People are screaming and laughing, clothes, blankets and pillows are being thrown all over the room.

when i say the girls are half naked i meant it, it was a hot humid day so i can understand why. a few are in nightgowns and pjs or shorts and t shirt but a bunch are in their bras and panties and as promised amanda is wearing a little pair of cotton panties and nothing else. my eyes lock onto her as soon as i walk in, she's bent over, perfect ass in the air, trying to close up her bag with one hand while she tries to cover her tits with the other. her tits are pointing down, she has her arm across her tits but one pink nipple is fully visible and they look amazing. she's screeching at one of the boys to stop as he tries to reach into her bag and i can see all her little panties and thongs all over the floor.

the rest of the cabin is just as chaotic. i see one boy slap one of the girls asses. the girls are hitting the boys with pillows and the boys are snatching panties and copping feels. someone is flicking the lights off and on and it's such a crazy scene that for a few seconds they don't even notice i'm there.

finally i yell 'what's going on here!?' 'ALL THE BOYS OUT! get back to your cabins!' i walk into the cabin and start pulling the boys out of the girls stuff and sending them towards the door. it's chaos now, some of the boys are trying to get out the girls are trying to cover up or grab their things. i head straight towards amanda's bed to try and get a better look at her tits or grab one of her thongs. one of the boys switches the lights off and i take advantage to grab a quick feel of amanda's ass in the chaos. it's as perfect as i imagined, but i can't get as good a feel as i want. she's still bent over and I rub against her in the dark as i walk past. I swipe my hand and my semi -hard dick across her ass as i pass her. mm she feels so good, soft perfect teen ass that i've been waiting to get a feel of all week. just this little touch causes her to shoot straight up and let out a screech. so i don't push my luck. i quickly reach down to try and snatch a pair of her underwear off the bed where i saw them before, get something and shove it deep in my pocket.

most of the boys don't need to be told twice and wanting to avoid getting in trouble they quickly run out. once they're out i turn the lights back on and then i turn to the girls getting a good look at them, amanda half naked, another girl katy kinda chubby but huge tits and no bra her nipples poking through her tanktop.

i tell the girls 'why are you all half naked, where are your pyjamas' and they complain it's hot but i tell them to put their pyjamas on. all their clothes have been scattered across the cabin so it takes them a while to find something to where and meanwhile i'm enjoying watching them scurry around half naked.

around this time one of the female counselors shows up and asks what the hell is going on. I tell her one of the boys cabin was pranking them and that i'll go deal with the boys and she can deal with the girls.

i head back to the boys cabin and i can hear them buzzing
'you see amanda's tits?', 'i grabbed carly's ass' , 'i stole katys bra, 38DD' that kinda stuff
they quiet down when i come in and look nervous but i just tell them
'okay very funny prank guys. quiet down and lights out. if anyone is out of bed again tonight they're gonna be in serious trouble'

i go back to the girls cabin and tell them the same thing: 'quiet down and lights out. if anyone is out of bed again tonight they're gonna be in serious trouble'

they whine and say the boys stole their panties (duh lol) so i tell them they'll get them back in the morning but for now you're loud and waking up all the other campers so just go to bed or you'll be in trouble' i tell the female counselor i'll deal with the boys and get the girls stuff back and she can go to bed.

i figure i could take back the girls panties now, but i want to let the boys enjoy them for a little while so i go to the boys and bring them a bag and say: 'everyone get to sleep i'm gonna come back in the morning and this bag is gonna have all the girls stuff in it if anything is missing you'll be in trouble'

once everything is settled down and quiet. i head to the bathroom to check out what i managed to snatch for myself. it's a nice little lacy pink thong. so hot! i love that a prude little bitch like amanda is wearing sexy little thongs and that a dozen guys probably saw her tits or copped a feel of her tonight.

my dick is rock hard and i start stroking off in the bathroom with amanda's thong wrapped around my cock. thinking about her perky tits and her perfect ass. thinking about her desperately trying to cover her tits while a bunch of horny guys leered at her. doesn't take long before i'm unloading a huge rope of cum all over her thong. for sure the horny guys in the boys cabin are doing the same. talking about what they saw, who they groped and egging eachother on. probably a lot of them quietly jerking off in their beds with their stolen panties. i got up two more times that night to stroke off in amanda's thong.

the next morning i went back to the boys cabin and they had filled the bag with bras and panties and a few bikinis. i figured there was probably a dozen loads of cum in there too. on my way to the girls cabin i threw amanda's thong in there too. it was a little sticky and crusty with my cum but i figured the girls would be too embarrassed to complain and anyway it wouldn't come back on me.

in the end some of the girls complained so we decided to punish the boys cabin with dish duty, which is really barely any punishment at all.

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