"Water Sports"

The best cumming in the water story I remember was written by Chinese Chikan (wonder what happened to him?). I found the story, and here it is:


Hi guys,I am the Chinese chikan.Here to post my second story.

Many asian guys have irrational fantasies about white girls,especially those tall,blonde ones. I am one of them. However, only two of out my countless attempts to buttfuck those white booty in China were successful. That only makes them unforgettable. Now I am gonna share with you one of those experiences(the other was too short)that stiffens my dick everytime I relive it.

In short, I groped,humped and cummed on a blonde Russian teen a month after my high school graduation.

At that time I was still in my hometown city, Dalian.What I love about this coastal city is that it attracts thousands of russian tourists every summer.There was this bus line that runs from city center to the beach.From my point of view, the bus is made for chikans:it is ALWAYS packed with booty from July to the end of August.And it was, of course,where I used to hunt my prey. That day I wore some thin,sloppy shorts ,a white sports shirt and got on my mobile chikan space. At the first sight, I saw a gorgeous blonde Russian teen standing 6 ft tall.She was in a sleeveless white shirt,jean shorts covering that round,plump ass.What turned me on immediately were her beautifully shaped long ,white legs.Her jeans were just so short. She was standing but her ugly mother was sitting beside her while talking to her. I quickly took my position behind her, whispering to myself:she is my prey. As more and more people got on, the gap between us was gradually closed.I backhanded her ass to test her reaction.Nothing,she seemed oblivious and was still talking to her mom.I got to say that her ass was real firm. Without wasting time, I pushed myself forward and her hips crashed on my belly.I adjusted my cock heads up and stood on my tip-toes(though it's tiring,but it worth everything to hump this tall chick).My part hardened when it touched the bottom part of her ass. I then thrusted it upwards from time to time following the movement of the bus.It felt like heaven. At this time,I caught a few words from the teen's conversation with her mom(I only knew little Russian):.......behind me.......not good....... And her mother gave me a quick glance and then turned her eyes away. I got a feeling that she knew a horny Asian was screwing her from behind but she showed no rejection, at least physically. I got bolder and put my hands on the upper part of her thighs(too tall, couldn't reach her ass.)God Damn it, the texture of her skin was so smooth. My penis soon began to fill with pre-cum. But I had to enjoy more of her hips. I then took an aggressive move:palming her thighs while dragging her ass down to my penis. I was afraid that it might screw things up but she show no resistance,still chatting.This time, my dick was fully buried in her cracks.While smelling the perfume on her hair, I humped her slowly but as hard as I could with hands moving slightly up and down. Just when I was about to cum,
the bus arrived at the beach and everyone started to get off. Fuck it,I said to myself.I watched her get of the bus with her mom and walked to the beach park with those legs i wanna cum on. Her ass and tits were shaking. It occured to me that we were not done yet and there was no way I was going home.

My determination led to the real fun part of my story.I followed her into the beach park. There were lots of hot girls there but no,literally none of them ever took my horny, lustful attention off her. They found a spot on the beach and her mom took out a larger piece of blanket and a bikini swimsuit for her. FUCK!,was she gonna fuckin' wear that?!! It turn out yes. She changed into that bikini while her mom held the blanket for her. NOw she almost made my penis cum and my nose bleed.I quickly paid and put my shirt,shorts and bag in a locker,wearing only my underwear(not triangle one) I knew I gotta follow her into the waves. Completely dominated by lust, I didn't care if her mother was looking.Even if she was, this is my country,I could always get the hell out and there was no way they could bust me. That time, the sea was covered by thousands of swimmers dressed in all colors of swimsuit,they were packed together, enjoying the waves. So was she! I swam near her,trying to repeat the way I humiliated her on the bus:backhand,palm,rest dick. Again, she showed no response
nor rejection.The whole thing was burning me,I was on fire! That chick was pushed sudden surge of waves,and to restore balance she sat on my cock with great force.I forgot everything. I let my dick out,thrust it deep into her hips,her thighs while my hands groped her butt cheeks, her thighs,her belly and even her tits and vagina(only a minor touch).Even bolder, I spreaded my legs and reached them forward and clipped her legs,completely locking her. Imagine this, in the waves of a summer seat, a tall blonde chick in bikini was covered all over by a shorter, nerdy asian guy while doing all kinds of nasty moves except for fucking her.After about ten minutes, huge amount of cum shot out of my dick right between her legs. Feeling the heat in her crotch area, she tried to turn around but I locked her with my full power till I shot all my loads on her. After that, I felt compeletly dehydrated my rested my head on her shoulder while my semi-hard penis was still poking her round butt.

Then I swam ashore only to find that I couldn't walk. But I knew I had to.I retrived my clothes and bag and rushed out as fast as I COuld.

I didn't know if her mom ever spotted me trying to "rape" her daughter,or if she
liked my dick or was just afraid of confrontation. But never mind, russian tourists keep flowing into the city and the joy will never end.

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