Wow that’s an amazing story bad counselor! Hopefully you got more recent stories as well.

Black Shogun and all rounder, just my 2 cents whomever he chose to grope whether heavy or skinny, shouldn’t we all pat our brothers on the shoulder when we get lucky? I remember someone else on this board stated they don’t care whether the girl shape or race is but if they get their groping on they are fine. I think it was Guestz but I am not sure.

Something else I was going to say but forgetten. I come occasionally to detail any groping that has occurred.

Oh well so the reason why I am back on this board is to share something small story. I wasn’t planning to grope for a while as I had an argument with a relative and I stumped my big toe pretty badly. Anyways I had to drop my sister off to her workshop at the university I attend. She’s a bit of an introvert and she had to attend due to a cheating conduct. I had worn thin merino wool pants. This centre of the university was quite crowded. Me and my sister waited for the elevator and quickly got on. The elevator was packed. I squeezed in sideways and saw this middle eastern a little heavy girl wearing jeans and so I started rubbing up on her on the right ass cheek. Oh yeah felt good. I aimed my head at the cheek. Geez. Ahhh can I just enjoy it for a little longer? Nope as the elevator has reached my destination and I had to leave with my sister. Skip forward and her class is done and we are waiting for the elevator yet again this time to go down and go home. It’s comes and the elevator is packed. Literally. I almost couldn’t have fit. Than when we were going down to the next floor the 4 one. My sister’s class was on the 5th. A hot brunette white girl(one of my favourite kind) with a backpack looked in hoping she could fit. We had eye contact and she give a sly smile. Not a big one but a friendly one. I smiled back. I pushed the people behind me back when I stepped back. There’s was a space in front of me. The girl came in and had her back to me. She removed her backpack and held it forward in her chest. I knew what I had to do as the ass was literally calling me with the phat booth in the spandex. I leaned forward to close the gap and my hardon came back. I aimed it in her crack. So fucking soft! My wish came through. I got my hardon to hold its position in the lower level of her ass close to the crack. She must have felt my dick but couldn’t do anything as the place was packed. No reaction from her. I tried to do some tip toes and push further to create further pressure. Ohhh ohhh my hardon is at full strength and is just poking her in her soft ass. It was soft and firm and felt so good as I was poking deep while my hardon grew in length. It was an strong ass as she seemed to be an athlete due to how she was dressed. I was just pushing into dem cheeks in the spandex pants. Finally we reached the 2nd floor and people got out and she was the first out but came back in and to my side. Haha she was kind of cute wanted to ask for her number. Anyways we reached the same stop we both got off I was walking with my sister behind my target and watched her jiggle that firm ass in the spandex pants as she walked. I took great deal of pleasure for those moments out of her ass. Hopefully I see her again next week when my sister has to go in one last time to the same centre.

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