king of the hill (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

There was a floating dock in the lake so I would get the campers to play King of the hill, which they loved and always resulted in total chaos. Perfect opportunity to grope some little sluts. Everyone starts on the float. SO you get 10-15 people on a tiny float and it's already chaos. the float is sinking in corners and everybody has to move and shift to keep their balance. sometimes I would play the game and other times i would just 'supervise' from the water.

i remember one of the best times playing king of the hill was my first year as a counselor so i'm 17. 1 week into the first session. there's this hot girl Jess that i've been staring at all week. 14, short with blonde hair and tan skin and big tits. perfect little bimbo already and loved attention from the boys. now the girls weren't supposed to wear bikinis, two pieces were allowed but lots of girls would bring little slutty bikinis anyway. Obviously I never enforced this rule and would let it slide whatever the girls wanted to wear.

so this day she was wearing her red bikini that she would put on every chance she got. of course all the guys loved her, they stared at her all day and then at night in the cabins they would talk about how hot she was and how bad they wanted to fuck her. a lot of the girls didn't like her though which made her kind of an outcast.

so we start king of the hill and right away i can see the boys are trying to cop a feel, especially of jess and I can't blame them. she had a great soft tanned ass and perfect tits, must have been at least C cups at 14. so quickly most of the campers including jess are knocked off the float and this is where the real fun starts. everyone is in the water holding onto the edge of the float, crowding in places, shifting around, trying to climb up and at the same time there's people flying over your heads or landing on top of you and everyone is yelling a screaming. it's complete chaos.

so i'm 'supervising' and encouraging the chaos and at the same time subtly grabbing a feel of all the girls. One hand on the float and the other underwater rubbing against all these girls bare thighs and half naked asses. mostly just light brushes, but when more of a crowd forms i'm cupping and grabbing. the best part is half the boys are doing the same thing so none of the girls know where it's coming from.

obviously my main target is jess, i've been checking her out all week and i'm desperate to get a feel of her big tits. i manage to get right next to her where she's holding onto the float. and let my free hand start rubbing against her. i'm pretty much turned sideways to her and she's facing the float. i'm rubbing my hand all over her thighs and ass. damn she felt so good. she didn't give any sign that she noticed i was feeling her up, probably cause half the guys were doing exactly the same to her and she's used to it.

every so often she would try to get on top of the float but she would just end up half on with her ass in the air right next to me and her tits squeezed onto the float, but she would never make it all the way up and just ended up right back next to me. so i'm groping her ass more and more as the game goes on and i'm getting more confident she's not gonna make a fuss. i'm also holding onto the float with one hand and moving it closer and closer to her so that her boobs are getting mashed into my hand. mmm her tits felt so soft, i just wanted to grab a big handful and squeeze.

there's a crowd of guys and girls all around us too and at one point she let's out a laugh/scream and cries out 'who just grabbed my ass?!' obviously one of the campers was copping a feel at the same time as me. that was half the fun to me, not just groping these girls but setting up the male campers to get some too :)

my cock is rock hard from feeling up this little slut and i start pressing it into her thigh and ass. she's bobbing up and down and i'm pressing back and forth. holy shit it felt so good. at one point there's a bunch of people standing right above us and it starts sinking the side of the dock we're holding onto. i take advantage of the chaos and fully palmed jess's tits, mashing my hand all over them.

only my thin bathing suit between my cock and her bare skin. she hops back half onto the float and drags her whole leg against my boner on the way up and then the same thing back down. her tits keep mashing into my hand and i can tell i'm gonna blow my load real soon. i start pressing my hard cock more and more firmly into her thigh/ side of her ass. she gives one little bob up and down and it pushes me over the edge and i start cumming.

omg it felt amazing cumming against this hot, half naked little bitch. i have one hand pressed into her tit and i'm pumping load after load into my swimsuit. my cock pulsing and spasming against the side of her ass. all the while the game is still going on and everyone is having fun and i'm unloading my jizz all over this girl. holy shit what a feeling!

after i cum i call 'last minute' and the chaos picks up even more. I take advantage to get a few more squeezes of jess's ass. then when the game wrapped up i needed to take a minute before getting out so i'm not getting out of the lake with a hard dick.

later that night i overheard some of the boys talking about playing king of the hill. they were talking about how they grabbed this girls ass or had another girls tits pressed against their arm, or saw a girls nipple when her bathing suit slipped down or how they had to stay underwater cause they were getting a boner. always stuck with me how most guys, especially when they're younger, will take advantage of any chance they get to grope a girl, so i always tried to make sure they had lots of chances to get some action at camp.

wouldn't be the last time i groped jess either.

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